7 Reasons I Blog as a Traditional Catholic.

I appreciated very much Mr. Werling’s blog “Ars Orandi”.  Thank You So Much!  I was sad to read why he was giving it all up.  I will miss Mr. Werlings great job and blog.  Let us learn from his experience and pray for him and his family.  His, what seems to be a “conversion back” to what he considers “normal” is an excellent reason for us who are still using the internet, to deeply examine why we are still on here blogging.  And yes, sometimes we traditional Catholics can become somewhat overly serious and judgmental.

_IGP5280Fr. Corapi’s “converting back” does not say anything about orthodox Catholic teaching, but only says something about himself.  In no way am I comparing Mr. Werling with Fr. Corapi.  Thank God, orthodox teaching will continue on nonetheless.  But, at the same time, it is very sad that someone, who was helping millions of people learn what orthodox Catholic truth was all about, should himself fall.  We pray for him to God and for each one of ourselves.

From all the reading I have done of other traditional Catholic blogs, I have only found sincere people, who love the Catholic Church, and are trying to do the little they can to help restore Catholicism.

Just because there are some traditional Catholics stuck in a mode of negative criticism, does not mean that others are.  “If the shoe fits, then (humbly) put it on.”

Padre Pro 1So in the light of this back handed criticism of traditional Catholics, I would like to again state my own (and I think most traditional bloggers) intentions to work on my blog.

1) To help people know the True, Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Jesus Christ.  That is to distinguish false gods from the True God.  This helps people know why we have a incredibly awesome universe to live in and to understand the meaning of our existence.  And the truth that, only through Jesus Christ and His Church, is there salvation.  He won this through His bloody sacrifice on the Cross and resurrection.

2) Through this truth, help people come to enter into the Holy Catholic Church Jesus started for our salvation and guidance in this life.

3) That people will believe in the Holy Bible, and what it contains, as God’s loving manual to live a happy life in this life and in the world to come.  The Word of God is so important.  And thanks to Catholics; who died to save the Bible during the Roman persecution, who put the canon of the Bible together and who hand wrote it and passed it on from one generation to the other, all christians have the Holy Bible.

4) Through personal life experiences, see that there is something dreadfully wrong in our world, our governments, our countries, our schools, our movies, our TV, our music, our churches, our families, our marriages, our children and our personal lives.

Look at all the continuous wars all over the world, divorces, violence, addictions and children sex trafficking at SuperBowl.  Actor Philip Hoffman just being found dead on his bathroom floor with a hypodermic needle in his arm after overdosing on heroin.  All of you reading this blog know exactly what I mean.  In general, traditional people, including Catholics, are very aware of this and care about what is happening in their family, church and world.

5) Having been through the agnostic, liberal, sinful, self centered stages of life, have discovered something much deeper, more meaningful and true in traditional Catholic religious practices, morals and beliefs.

6) Having been Catholic and going through the cafeteria stage, the charismatic stage, the please everyone liturgy stage, the neo cat stage to finally finding the sacred, the truth, the beauty, the order and the reverence worthy of the great God in traditional Catholicism.

7) Knowing real facts that can not be dismissed, like the disappearing of Catholic nuns and priests.  Closing and selling beautiful old churches.  Sex abuse scandal in the priesthood.  Masons involved in the torturing and murdering of the Mexican Catholics in the Cristero’s time.  1.7 billion murdered unborn babies with non of the governments protecting them, rather helping to make sure it is done.  125,000,000,000 people killed under atheistic communistic governments.  Millions in forced labor camps in China and North Korea today.  Innocent people being blown up by muslim suicide bombs.

Cura de ZapotlanWhy do we care?  Because we love.  How can anyone who says they love, not want to stop the bloody abortion process?  How can anyone who loves not want to stop the bloody muslim suicide bombs of innocent people?  Love cares.  Love acts. Love begs in prayer to God for an end to all this.

We are not perfect.  But we try to get help from God (our only hope) for a extremely broken world through Sacred Adoration of the One True God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass.  We want to share with the whole world the truth contained in the Holy Bible how to live a good life and to get to heaven after this life.  And we want to share the ancient Catholic truth that has been passed on to us from Jesus to the Apostles and to the Church.

02 2So we traditional Catholics love God and neighbor and want to make a difference in every individual persons life.  We need to stay always centered in a life of prayer and humility. And we need to keep peaceful and joyful.  If not, there is something wrong with our faith.