Another Report About The Holy Rosary and Super Sports

Here is a comment about praying the Holy Rosary at a sport event.  And of course, nuns who wore the habit and prayed the Holy Rosary.

monjasWhen I was in high school my volleyball team was very good. One time we were at the state tournament and our first game was against a Catholic school. They were not very good, and we were easily winning. Then a large group of nuns in habits (and this was in the late 1980s!) came in, sat in the bleachers, took out their rosary beads, and started praying. The game took a very sudden and drastic turn. We suddenly couldn’t do anything right, and that Catholic school volleyball team whipped us soundly!

Later my mother, who was Protestant and pretty anti-Catholic said, “You girls were doing great until those nuns came out and started praying!” The sisters left a life-long impression on me!”