SuperBowl or SuperGod’s “Hail Mary Passes” or Atheist’s Nothing.

The atheist are at it again.  They have paid for an Anti-Catholic add at the SuperBowl.



I would always go and pray the Holy Rosary at Escalon High School football games  (Escalon California).  The coach and his wife (Mark and Lisa Loureiro) were parishioners at my parish, St. Patricks.  If you google them you can see that they are one of California’s top rated High School Football teams.  I have no problem going to visit with parishioners at a local school’s game.  It is so different from a huge, impersonal, money making sport event like the SuperBowl.

I prayed, mostly to show all the city of Escalon that prayer works.  Most of the people in Escalon attended these games because Escalon High has such a good football coach and team.

One time we played Central Catholic High School.   When I finally arrived after hearing the Friday night confessions were, Central High was way ahead at half time .  Escalon exited the field down.  Central High re-entered entered the field very proud.

As the coach’s wife and myself began praying the Holy Rosary, Escalon quickly advanced and won the game.  When I was in another parish, I would go to Central Catholic High games and get people to pray the Holy Rosary so that they would win too.

I would go in front of the bleachers and show the Holy Rosary.  It was very embarrassing, I am shy and know how some people are against God and especially Catholics, so it would take a lot of courage to do it.  But I would overcome my fears and pray.  We need to overcome our fears and show all the world that we believe in Jesus Christ, Mary and The Holy Catholic Church.  I was put down by priests and other important people in my diocese for “making a spectacle of myself and making Catholicism a superstitious religion.

Maybe 3 years ago, at Lincoln High School field in Stockton, Escalon was playing for the northern California championship.  At the end of the 4th quarter they were quite a ways behind.  Again, the coaches wife, another two friends and myself kept on having faith and praying the Holy Rosary.  In the last few minutes there was a very long pass that was received.  And the Modesto Bee reported it as a “Hail Mary Pass“.  They went on to make two touch downs and win the championship.

rosary_booklet_mainI only prayed at these games to show that God is real, Mary is real and that prayer works.  People knew that a Catholic prayers (like the Holy Rosary) worked from my witnessing in a public domain.  As I said before, I did not enjoy being in front of all those people.  But I did enjoy praying the Holy Rosary.