Catholics Slowly Going Down the Drain by Not Genuflecting or Receiving Jesus Kneeling and on the Tongue.

Hopefully all of us who are working for the Restoration of the Catholic Church are doing it for Love of God and Neighbor.  I would have a hard time imagining anyone suffering so much persecution, if it was not out of love for God, the Church and Souls.
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communion-kneelingSo I want to bring up a simple thing such as a genuflection in front of Jesus present in the tabernacle.  A while ago, when I would take our youth to another parish in California, a parishioner would complained about their parish administrator who would never genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  When she asked the administrator to please genuflect, she was told that if she didn’t stop complaining, that they had the rights to even get rid of the Blessed Sacrament completely out of the church.

I say this because we humans are prone to get lazier and lazier about things if there are not strict rules.  If there were no tickets for speeding in town, I am sure we would all be speeding through town.
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 If there were no tickets for not stopping at a stop light or stop sign, I am sure we would just slow down and go on through.  This is human nature.

It is the same way with simple actions like genuflections.  Before, when the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, priests and people were asked to genuflect on two knees.  And when in the tabernacle, one knee.  Now, most Catholics do not genuflect at all in the true presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

In the Latin Mass there are many genuflections to maintain and show respect to Jesus who is truly present in the Holy Mass.  Now, our own pope does not even genuflect at all in the Holy Mass.

You may say that it is such a minor thing, a mere genuflection.  But the reality is that with the taking away of the minor things, we eventually loose the important things.

Before Vatican II and for some time after, all Catholics knelt to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.  And even after Catholics began to receive Jesus standing, they were only allowed to receive Jesus on the tongue.

kneelingProtestants do not believe that in Jesus is truly present in their bread and wine (or grape juice) in their services.  And of course this is also true, because they do not have or believe in the priesthood.  So purposely, to protest against the teaching of the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Host, they receive their bread in their hands and drink the juice/wine by themselves.

After Vatican II, in the spirit of ecumenism, some bishops and priests in Europe began copying the protestants by giving the Holy Host in the hand.  Once this abuse began to become popular, Rome gave them an indult (allowed, but not the rule) to be able to legally copy the protestants and give the Holy Host in the hands.

From this indult, we have seen a constant lessening of the belief in the true presences of Jesus in the Holy Communion.  We see most people receiving Holy Communion without going to confession.  Long lines at the time of Holy Communion and short lines in front of the confessional.  There are some exceptions to this, but in general, there are very short confession times at the average parish, and yet at most of these parishes, most parishioners receive Holy Communion every Sunday.

Psalter.8- Kneeling Knight, Westminster PsalterSo, in getting rid of what “seems” to be “insignificant”, such as receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue, genuflections on two knees, or on one knee when entering the pew, has led to the loss of belief in the true presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  It just started out little by little, till much of the Catholic faith has been lost today.

So, what we can do is start again with small gestures, like slowly genuflecting before entering into the pew.  I also want to suggest that at the same time you genuflect, you give a small head bow to acknowledge the presence of the King of Kings in the Holy Tabernacle.

Kneeling and receiving Jesus on the tongue is another way of showing our faith in the true presence of Jesus in Holy Communion.

kneeling 2Yes, you will be ridiculed and ostracized, but you will also be blessed by God and helping others who are afraid to show God respect to start to do so.  The martyrs of the early Church were ridiculed, ostracized, tortured, property taken away and killed for simply not offering a small piece of incense on the altar of the Roman gods.  So far, no one is going to torture you to death for showing respect to the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us be brave and please God not man.  And little by little, with our holy example and God’s help, we can turn the tide again.