Illuminati Are Their Own Worst Enemies.

This morning a mother was telling me about her son who from the influence of the singers and movie stars had gotten involved with the Illuminati.  But now he hates them because they have destroyed his life.  The devil is the “father of all lies” and will do anything to destroy his own followers.  If you do not believe me, just give him some time.

illuminati2Those who chose to sell their souls to the devil understand very well the contract they are making with the devil.  They know that in return for their eternal damnation of their soul, they are promised to become rich, famous and powerful.

What they forget is how short their lives here on earth really is.  What they also forget is how easily they are deceived by the devil.  He usually gives a small amount of fame, riches and power for a time, but eventually all goes tumbling down and down into hell.  Drama and more drama.

Michael Archangel_and the Devil_RAFFAELLO SanzioThe different demons all are in competition with each other.  They hate each other.  They only work together out of hatred against God and His followers.  It is hatred that unites them.  And the same is seen in the followers of satan.

At catechism a 9 year old boy asked what making a triangle with you fingers and bowing down to the ground meant.  I told him it was the triangle with 6 6 6 on all three sides and the Illuminati worshipping the devil.  Most of the 9 – 10 year old children knew that the triangle with 6 6 6 stood for the devil.  A 12 year old boy put the triangle of his fingers around his eye and said that is how they do it.  He was against being part of the Illuminati.

All of us traditional Catholics need to tell the children about the power and love of God and the hatred of the devil.  A little child told me today that when you put on a scale the power of God and the power of the devil, God’s power is much, much greater.

Again for all of you who want to sell your soul to the devil, your only making your life more complicated and problematic in exchange for eternal torture.  It seems “cool“, but it really is eternally hot.  Do not mess around with the devil.  He is so much smarter than you are and will use you and discard you like a burning hot coal.

Masoner_a_IlluminatiThe scientific proof is the drama in all these famous movie stars and musicians.  Look at how Michael Jackson died.  Take a good look at his face and all the plastic surgery he went through.  Why did he die so young?  Is it normal to die young?  Is it normal to be strung out on drugs.  Is that what you really want?

Not only do you destroy your own life, but you destroy all those around you whom you influence.  The young man that is mad at the Illuminati for destroying his life, forgets that he also destroyed the peace and unity of his parents and family.  That is why his mother came to tell me about this bad experience.

As long as you are alive you can still repent of selling your soul to the devil.  Jesus is always waiting for you to return to Him.  But you will always have to pay the consequences of playing with the devil until you die.  The devil has a perfect memory and will never forget that you double tricked him and broke your covenant with him.  But Jesus knows our weakness and will help us.

You need to go to confession, renounce the kingdom of darkness of the devil and work for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ till death.  Wearing a crucifix, the Scapular and the St Benedict’s medal helps protect you from the devil too.

The devil tempted Jesus with three things; power to turn a rock into food, testing of God by jumping off the temple and receiving all the power and riches of this world.  All He had to do was bow down and worship the devil.

Temptation of_JUAN DE FLANDESJesus did not need any of these things.  He was fasting on purpose and did not want to break his fast by showing off for the devil.  And if He had, the devil would have just ridiculed his abuse of His good power.

Jesus did not need to prove His trust in God by tempting God and doing something so stupid as jumping off the temple.  And Jesus was totally happy and fulfilled with the union He had with His Father and the Holy Spirit.

He had no use for worldly power and riches.  He knew that they would only take His happiness away rather than add to it.  Look at how the rich people have to do so much to protect themselves and their possessions.   Just look at how jealous people are of them and their wealth. I know so many very wealthy people who are no happier than all the poor people I know.  The happiest children I know are poor children.

DetailFor this reason we follow Jesus’ way through the cross to heaven.  As St. Teresa of Avila said: “All the Way to Heaven is Heaven”.  This too is scientifically provable by scientific observation of holy people who are so much happier than all the movie stars and singers.  They have drama, but it is only the drama caused by the evil followers of selfishness and the devil.

God says: “I set before you Live and Death; choose Life.”  The devil says: “I set before you death and life; choose death”.