More Wonderful Children Who Could Have Been Murdered

Had dinner with a traditional family last night and again I hear the story of how the doctors say the child is deformed and should be murdered.  The older girl in the picture was seen in the sonograms in her mothers womb as having no back bone.  But her parents fought for her life, come what may, against all the pressure to kill her.

On the day of her birth, all the doctors advised having a C-section because a natural birth could cause the child to come out in two pieces in the process.  One doctor, out of the many, who had fair skin and blue eyes, told the father that the child would be alright and not to have a C-Section.  The father had to sign many papers taking all the responsibility if anything happened to his deformed child.  She was born and is a totally normal.   She is the beautiful 15 year old young woman to the right of the picture.photoHer other younger sister and brother were also said to be born deformed.  So it is so evil that beautiful children are being murdered everyday.  In the end, when these doctors and parents die, they will see all the children that were murdered for convenience or because they could have a defect.

Here is a letter from Ed Pastor a Member of Congress of the United States to a parishioner her at St. Catherine’s who asked him not to support funding Planned Murder Parenthood.  Ed Pastor is Hispanic and supports Planned Murder Parenthood’s elimination of minorities.

Thank you for expressing your desire to prohibit Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. from receiving federal funding.  I appreciate your taking time to make me aware of your interest in this issue.

Planned Parenthood services an estimated five million women, men and teens each year by providing quality health care services that prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment, and prevent cervical and other cancers through screening.  With most of its clientele being low-income, Planned Parenhood is frequently the only option available for these persons to obtain reproductive health care, and passage of any law that eliminates its funding would deny many people access to contraceptives and other preventive health care services which are commonly available to other citizens.  Therefore, I have not supported any legislation that eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood.

While I opposed the most recent short-term continuing resolution, it was not because Planned Parenthood’s continued funding.  Even though we disagree on this issue, I appreciate having the opportunity for us to have an open exchange.

As you can clearly see, Planned Murder Parenthood is about getting poor minorities from having more children.  That is why they were founded by Margaret Sanger, a Eugenist, to clear the human race of inferior genes, just like Hitler.  Do the research.

babyfeetAlways accept the children God gives you.  You well may have been one of those children that the doctors advised your parents to murder.  Ask your parents about the circumstances around your conception and birth.  You may very very well be Surprised.