Get Rid of the Television, The Devils Tabernacle In (Almost) Every Home

I keep encouraging all families to get rid of their Television.  Any God loving, honest person will admit to me that there is not much good left on the Tube anymore.  Someone told me yesterday that almost every program has a homosexual on it.  What about all the values, indecently dressed women and bad commercials “tempting” you to buy everything you do not need.  That is why it is called the “devils Tabernacle”.

This Sunday is SuperBowl Sunday.  Millions will waste the Lord’s day watching the SuperBowl.  They will be drinking and screaming.  They will “enjoy” evil adds about everything they (do not) need to buy, drink or eat.

Many channels have pornography on them that little children find when switching the channels.  Who will answer for the loss of their innocence from having stumbled on an “Adult Channel”.  As if adults are allowed to see sex shows.

This was where a Television once was.  This family took the advice and sold their Television.  Now, instead of being the devils altar, it is a prayer


It is never to late to listen to God and not the Television.  See the Bible. You just might be able to listen to the other members of your family too.  It is so good to be a traditional Catholic family.