More Statistics That Traditional Catholics are Concerned About

Before Vatican II (1960) only 20 % of Catholics did not attend Holy Latin Mass (There was only the Holy Latin Mass till 1969).  That means that almost 80 % of Catholics practiced their faith and went to Holy Latin Mass every Sunday.

After Vatican II (2013) only 23 % attend the Novus Ordo Mass (There is hardly any Latin Masses available anywhere).  That means that 77 % of Catholics no longer attend Holy Mass on a regular basis.

1aaaa1aaa1Regina_Angelorum1In the last 10 years 1300 parishes have closed and most Catholics are in their 60’s (Michael Voris from the Official Catholic Directory).

Catholics marrying in the Church have decreased 60 % since 1970.  In 1970 there were 426,487 and in 2011 there were only 164,400.

In 1972, 31 % of Catholics in the age bracket of 18 – 40 chose not to get married in the Church (69  % married in the Church).  In 2010, twice that number, 62 %, chose not to get married in the Church (Only 38 % get married in the Church).  In 1972 only 8 % were divorced, separated or widowed.  In 2010 it has risen to 22 %.

From the Offiicial Catholic Directory and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops we have:

Untitled-427x264-SharpenedBaby baptisms 1970 = 1,000,000   2009 = 857,410     2013 = 763,208

Adult baptisms                                 2009 = 43,279      2013 = 41,918

Reception into the Catholic faith      2009 = 75,724       2013 = 71,582TCRBaptisms

From this graph you can see that after Vatican II closed in 1965 we see a steady decline in infant baptism in the Catholic Church.  It is no surprise to any on us who have lived through these years.

If it had not been for the huge immigration of Mexicans into the United States, we would be seeing way more empty churches and pews.  Hispanics now make up 35 % of the US Catholics.  They are half as young as the Anglo Catholics and have more children.  But as they have become modernist, progressive Catholics, they also use contraceptives and no longer have many children.  From this we will now begin to see a large decrease in Catholics as the Mexican immigrants stop coming into the the US and having only a few children.

Because the religious ed classes were still staying full from immigrant Mexican children, the American Church did not see the fruits of modernism and progressivism.  But now it will become very clear as the number of immigrants decrease and their birth rate declines.

The answer to all this demise is prayer and speaking the truth.  I am putting these statistics to show that the progressive and modernistic theology, that is taught in most diocese, is its own worst enemy.

1Liberalism has no “children“, no future.  We traditional Catholics have a great future in God’s loving support and in many children and young vocations to the priesthood and religious life.