Traditional Catholics at West Coast For Life Walk 2014

For the first time in seven years I was not able to attend one of the Pro Life Walks.  From our small Parish of St. Patricks we would take 3 buses to the West Coast Walk for Life.  Since I am the only other priest here at St. Catherine, the weekends are very busy for me.  I had two latin Baptism yesterday.  If I had not had these planned so far in advance, I was going to fly in and out of San Francisco the same day.

140125950002The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco gathered other traditional Catholics to walk together.  Good job!

IMG_4034140125_0001Banner of the Battle of Lepanto 1571 when praying the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary and go to battle, defeated the Ottoman Turks.  Thank You God, Mary, St. Pius V and Don Juan of Austria.