Before and After Vatican II Statistics Do Not Lie

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Here are some more factual statistics about the Holy Roman Catholic Church before Vatican II and after here in the United States.  These Statistics are from CARA Georgetown University.500px-Gap_Between_Priests_and_Catholics_in_USA.svg

Priests: 1945 = 38,451  1950 = 42,970  1955 = 46,970  1960 = 53,796  1965 = 58,000

Priests: 2013 = 38,800  Diocesan Priests = 26,500 and  Religious = 12,300

Ordinations to the Priesthood: 1965  =  994

Ordinations: 2013  =  511

Seminarians: 1965  =  49,000  Graduate level: = 8325

Graduate level Seminarians: 2013  = 3694

Religious Sisters in the whole world 1973  = 1 million.  In 2013  =  721,935.

Parishes: 1965  =  17,637

Parishes: 2013  =  17,413

Mass Attendance in 1965: 65 % of Catholics attended Sunday Mass

2013, Only 24 % of Catholics attend Sunday Mass.  mattendGraph from CARA Georgetown U.

You can see by this graph, that since Vatican II, 50 % more Catholics have stopped attending Sunday Mass.

Students in 1965 at 8414 elementary schools = 2.6 million.

Students in 2013 at 5636 elementary schools = 1.5 million.

Marriages in the Catholic Church have gone down to very few too.mstatusGraph from CARA Georgetown U.

World wide there were 419,728 priests in 1970.  In 2013 there are only 412,236.  Yet the Catholic population has doubled from 653,000 in 1970 to 1,196,000 in 2013.

Out of all the increased Catholics, why are not more vocations?  Because we live the Catholic lite religion.  So many call themselves Catholics, but do not live out their faith.

The average age of priests in the US in 1970 was 35.  In 2013 it is around 63.  Here is a photo of priests at a funeral in California a month ago.20140107__local_funeral~1_GALLERY

In the traditional orders you find a way much younger age medium.

traditional-religious-nunsAs the saying goes, Biological Solution, Biological Solution.  Soon we will be out of the “Vatican II Generation” and in not so long of a time into the “Traditional Catholic Generation”.  Death comes sooner or later for all of us.  Jesus save your Church.


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