Another Perspective of “Despicable Me”

In no what do I claim to know everything, and there is no way for me to keep up with everything.  So, I just come up with what I think could be dangerous for our souls, especially the innocent souls of children, and question it.  But here is another view by a reader of my blog in relations with the children’s movie serious “Despicable Me”.

I disagree with your prognosis of the Despicable Me franchise. For one, the whole first movie is a story of redemption for the main character, Gru.
He starts off as a “super villain” with evil intentions, but soon realizes that being a father is more important than anything else in his life.

Although the first movie does not mention a maternal figure for the girls, this is corrected in the second movie. One of the main themes of the second film is that the girls need a mother. This movie makes it very clear that Gru is a virgin, and keeps his relationship with his romantic interest chaste throughout the movie. The creators of the movie respected the idea of the family unit by emphasizing the importance of marraige. It is made clear that the adopted daughters of Gru need a mom, and they are given a sense of completeness once they have one. In this sense, the movie is very pro-family and thusly, very pro-catholic.

As for the Minions and Dr. Nefario, after the first movie -and the conversion of Gru from being a “bad guy” to a “good guy”- their names act as a sort of joke. Because they are no longer up to evil things, their names become satire.

Another note on the Minions. In the second movie, there is an actual villain, with plans of global domination, who changes the nature of Gru’s Minions to make them into demon like creatures that are purple. This is a horrific event, because they are in no way cute or lovable anymore, but hateful and evil.
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The Minions that are still yellow under the guidance of Gru do all they can to transform their friends back to their “good” selves. They risk their lives in order to save their friends from the “bad guy.” So, in this movie there is a very clear distinction between good and evil. It poses the two ideas against each other, and makes it clear that greed and lust of power can never prevail against love and family.

For these reasons I see The Despicable Me movies as not contrary to anything Catholic, but complimentary. They endorse traditional families as a necessary and beneficial part of society, and teach lessons of good vs. evil. I do not believe that the creators of this movie were attempting to endorse any nefarious agenda. For children this is a fun movie, and they just happen to learn some Catholic lessons along the way. I encourage you to give these movies another chance.

With a multitude of respect,”