Since Roe Vs. Wade 1.72 Billion Pre Born Babies Murdered.

In the last 40 years world wide there have been 1.72 Billion Pre Born babies murdered.  In China there have been 336 million.  196 million sterilizations and 403 million IUDs inserted. Here in the United States there have been 55 million lives lost.

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Pope Francis sent a message today to the March for Life: “I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers.  May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable.”

All these “vulnerable” babies have been murdered because of not wanting the greatest gift  God could ever give us, a child.  It is like this: I want to bless you with 1 million dollars, well, maybe 2 million, or maybe 3 million or I will really bless you with 20 million dollars.  Who would say, no I would rather have just 2 or at the most 3 million.  They would have to be crazy.

IMG_0005But when it comes to the greatest gift ever, children, we say, please, no more blessings, in fact they are “no longer blessings” after I have my boy and girl.

It all started in the Catholic Church when the Pope Paul VI formed a commission study the good and bad of birth control.  My parents very good friends, Pat and Patty Crowley, were on that committee.  Just bringing up the idea of questioning if birth control is good or bad by a pope, opened up the door to questioning all Catholic doctrine.  How could a pope even ask a committee to study the change of christian doctrine?  This is the work of modernism.
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 We have evolved to now see that what was wrong before is now good for families and society.

When Pope Paul VI later decided against birth control, bishops, priests, religious, theologians, teachers and Catholics went wild.  They then went on to protest the pope’s encyclical “Humanae Vitae”.  So the mere questioning about established Catholic doctrine and morals, automatically calls into question the validity of Catholic doctrine and moral that were always held before.

vatican-2-openedBut this “climate of questioning everything Catholic” had already been fomented by the way Vatican II was run.  Everything seemed to be up for grabs.  We were now “the new educated generation of Catholics” who could now clearly throw away medieval doctrine and come up with “modern” christianity that would be “relevant” to “modern man”.  And we see this in the wording of some of the councils documents.   They used words that changed the meaning of what the Church had always taught before, like on ecumenism, collegiality, and freedom of religion.

Many, many bishops, priests, religious and theologians began publicly and privately to dissented from the Church’s prohibition of the use of birth control.   I have read over and over their statements of dissent.  Most of you are too young to have lived through these times.

This is of utmost importance, because it set the foundation for the murdering of pre born babies.  As the Catholic couple starts being the one who chooses how many, if any, children to have, in stead of God, they open the door to not wanting children after the number they have arbitrarily decided on.  Once this mentality has set in, children become a commodity that can be chosen or rejected and disposed of, depending on the parents whims.

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Now when you already have “the children you have decided is good for you”, additional children are unwanted and seen as a burden rather than a blessing.  So you use birth control to determine how many children you will have.  And this separates (divorces) biology from sex, or children coming from the reproductive organs.  After the 2-3 children have been born, sex becomes only for pleasure.

nuns-for-choiceBefore we knew it, sex has almost become totally separated from procreation.  It has become only for sexual pleasure, as is now seen in the prevalent perspective today in society.

So when sex was divorced from producing children by birth control, a pregnancy accidentally occurs, a terrible crisis comes about.  You were doing everything “correct” in your “safe sex” and now a terrible thing has happened.  This is when abortion becomes an option.  And this is what has actual happened, and more and more every day.

Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision allowed a woman to kill their pre born, not on her rights to kill the baby, but on her privacy to do what she wants.  From that day, Jan 22, 73, it has morphed into what has just happened, that the Supreme Courts says a woman has the right to terminate her “fetus” until the child is able to live outside the womb on its own.

So when we start with separating sex from its natural effect of producing children, it becomes predominately a source of pleasure.  Then when the natural effect happens, it is seen as a problem and has to be “resolved” by killing the child.  The child is an inconvenience for the couple having sex for sexual gratification.

photoSo the beginning of all the 1.72 billion babies murdered in the wombs of their mothers started with birth control.  The “contraceptive mentality” leads to the murder of unwanted babies.

All this bares repeating and studying, because we can help people realize that God was right after all when He taught through His Catholic Church, that sex is sacred and to be between a man and a woman in marriage to receive the greatest gift God can give this side of heaven, a child.

In the response to the March For Life, the president said that he is for protecting women’s “right to reproductive freedom”.  Where is “reproduction” (producing a child) in killing a pre born baby?  He also said that it “allows women to fulfill their dreams”.  I can not think of a more wonderful dream than to have a happy home full of children.
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And this is why we are traditional Catholics.  Because we know that trying to change Catholic doctrine to fit “modern man” only leads to death and doom.  God is love and His rules are only for the our good.