Traditional Catholic Cappello Romano and Rap Music

As usual, I wear my Cappello Romano when walking from the rectory to the church.  I do this because it is very cold in the morning and for the sun in the daytime.

IMG_0381This morning, when I was returning from offering the Holy Latin Mass, I passed by the tire shop that is near us.  I could hear loud Rap music.  As I came closer, I see the young black man talking to his young friend in the car.  The music gets turned down as he looks at me with concern that I would not like what his music was saying.  I told him, thanks and that the words are not good.  He just smiled.

Here is a (most likely) non-catholic having his conscience pricked, just by the sight of traditional Catholic Cassock and Cappello Romano.  If good can come out of such a simple thing as wearing them, why do bishops, priests, religious and laity ridicule priests who wear them?

Aloysius Gonzaga_pius pictureSo many people bump their horns when they see me walking on the sidewalk.  Maybe one person will come to confession and start a new life, just because something in them woke up seeing “God’s clothing”.  It must be “God’s clothing” because why else would it arouse such a positive reaction from Catholics and non catholics alike.  Isn’t it interesting that strangers appreciate it while bishops, priests and religious condemn it.  If only priests would at least wear their clerics.  I see so many priests in ordinary clothing.  And the religious who will not wear their habits.  What a shame.  I just can not help imagining how many people have not come to God because of their progressive life style and clothing.