The Weakening of Traditional Catholic Marriage by Annulments

I talked with a parishioner today and she said out of the 50 employees in her insurance company where she works, she was the only one that was married.  The rest were either living together, single, divorced or homosexual (2).

Rosso_Marriage of Virgin_Florence, S. lorenzo_1523Up till lately, the Catholic Church has always upheld the Holy Bond of Marriage between a man and a woman.  That means that the marriage bond was indissoluble which means “till death do us part”.  But since the annulment process has been so liberalized and made easy since Vatican II, the marriage bond has been terribly weakened.

Many people refer to the annulment process as the “Catholic divorce”.  Annulment means that a couple go through a long process written questions, witnesses, canon lawyers and interviews to prove that there never was a marriage bond.   I am not saying that there is not sometimes true grounds for annulments, but I think the whole thing has to be seriously looked at and be sure that we are not going against Jesus’ admonition: “What God has united, let no one separate”.

Grounds for an annulment of the wedding vows can be:

1) Not wanting children, because the purpose of marriage is to have children.

2) Hidden drug and alcohol abuse (and probably other addictions) at time of marriage .

3) Infidelity before, during and after the marriage.

4) Immaturity to be able to make a life long commitment, like marrying at 17 and the marriage only last a very short time.

5) Forced to marry by spouse, parents or circumstances like pregnancy.

6) Physical or verbal abuse before, during and after the marriage.

Then there is also what is called the “Pauline Privilege” that deals with the conversion of an unbaptized spouse to the Catholic faith and the other unbaptized spouse does not support it.

1938 WEDDINGAnother whole very important area is the “Lack of Form”.  This is where a baptized Catholic gets married without a Catholic marriage.  This is for sure not a Catholic marriage and can be nulled.  A Catholic only is validly married when they have filled out all the papers, have permission from the pastor, have the marriage witnessed by a priest or deacon and two witnesses.   This only applies to baptized Catholics.

All other marriages between non christians or non Catholics are valid and can not be nullified with out an annulment process.  This means that the non catholic spouse has to be willing to go through giving information for the catholic annulment process.  Most find this very annoying.  All marriages that take place outside the Catholic Church are valid because they are Catholics and are not required to go by Catholic canon law.

And now with the pope putting in the questionnaire for the up coming Extraordinary Synod on the family is further weakening the marriage bond.

Here are the questions under 4. Pastoral Care in Certain Difficult Marital Situations:

c) Are separated couples and those divorced and remarried, a pastoral reality in your particular Church?  Can you approximate a percentage?  How do you deal with this situation in appropriate pastoral programs?

d) In all the above cases, how do the baptized live in this irregular situation?  Are they aware of it?  Are they simply indifferent?  Do they feel marginalized and suffer from the impossibility of receiving the sacraments?

e) What questions do divorced and remarried people pose to the Church concerning the Sacraments of the Eucharist and of Reconciliation?  Among those persons who find themselves in these situations, how many ask for these sacraments?

Misa_con_ngelesAll these questions coming from the pope and the bishops are even further weakening the marriage bond.  The answers are simple.  No holy communion for those who are not married in the Catholic Church.  This has always been the Catholic Church’s teaching.  Again this is what the progressive modernist are trying to do; change the 2000 year old Catholic teaching.  And if someone like myself or you protest, we are silenced and persecuted.  It is so much like when the arians had a lot of the power in the church in the 300 to 500 AD.

In the questionnaire there are a lot of questions about homosexual couples.

5. On Unions of Persons of the Same Sex.

b) What is the attitude of the local and particular Churches towards both the State as promoter of civil unions between persons of the same sex and the people involved in this type of union?

c) What pastoral attention can be given to people who have chosen to live in these types of union?

As always we need to be charitable toward homosexuals.  But we, the Catholic Church. has to continue to preach the truth of the Gospel to these people.  We need to help them get out of their persistent sinful life style.

This also is furthering the destruction of the Holy Bond of Marriage.

When it is all said and done, besides the husbands and wives who have had to suffer the break up of a marriage, it is the children who suffer more than any one else from the lack of a stable permanent family with Dad and Mom married in love for life.

Then all of society is in shambles because there no longer is the solid happy home where families can thrive and produce healthy citizens.

We Traditional Catholics need to continue to say the truth even though the church hierarchy even seems to be against the most important element of society, the family of one man and on woman in a life long marriage.