Traditional Catholic View of Movie “Despicable Me” and Satan and His Minions.

Today I was asking the children in catechism classes about “Minions”.  Most of them have seen the movie “Despicable Me, Minion Mayhem”.

989e3cc582138320c47ca5a62abfc95cThis promotion poster says: “When the World Needed a Hero, They Called a Villain.”

I have always heard about the saying from the Bible; “the devil and his minions”.   So when, at another earlier event, some children asked me if “minions” were bad, I assumed they were talking about the devils helpers.  But no, they were talking about the little yellow minions from the movies and cartoons.

So I looked up on wikipedia about minions.  What I found is that minions are villains helpers.  And besides the movies, there is a “Despicable Me Minion” ride attraction at Universal Studios in Florida.

It is described on wikipedia in this way:  The riders will be tested if they “qualify” to be minions and asked “if they are fully prepared to be so“.  They are given minion 3D goggles.  They are welcomed by # 1 SuperVillain.  His children are said to be “trying to be evil” and use “the voice of an evil clown“.    Dr. Nefario is SuperVillain’s side kick.  The word “nefarious” means sinful or evil.

There is a “zap gun” that turns humans into minions and all the riders on the ride will have a body scan to see if there are any human genes left in them to be removed.  They also tell the participants that “there will be no backing out“.  They use the word “henchmen” too.  The words, “are so doomed” are part of the ride.

What I am tying to say is that these movies are desensitizing our children to the idea of a villain as being bad or that the devil and his helpers are evil.  Just as Hollywood introduced homosexuality in comedies, so now the devil and villains are being introduced by funny movies to our children.

On Wednesday evening catechism a girl came up to me to show me her drawing.
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 It had a cross and a minion standing next to it.  She likes crosses and minions.  A few of the little boys strongly said they like the minions no matter what I said about them being bad.

1stCommandmentMay God help us to be alert to what is happening to our little children.  You can not love God and the devil at the same time.
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 Of course we traditional Catholics chose God and His angels over the devil and his minions.  And we want to be saints not villains.