Unbelievably Fantastic Miracle of Baby, We All Prayed for, not Being Aborted After All

The mother of the pre-born baby that we all prayed stopped the murder her baby at the last minute.  You can never imagine the joy and relief I felt when I heard this news this evening.  I am still in shock.

This is how today went.  I went by myself to the abortion mill and knelt to pray a Holy Rosary.  When I returned around 3 pm, the mother of the father of the child asked to come and talk with me about how to talk with her son about having had relations with his girlfriend that caused the murder.  We had a long talk.  It was of course sad and difficult to talk about.  One thing we decided to do is to try to organize something for the anniversary of Roe vs.
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Wade here at the courthouse her in Phoenix.  Like the West Coast Walk for Life.

tumblr_mvrlthqdxy1r6mdnjo1_500Then at 6:00 pm this evening, I went to offer the Holy Latin Mass, and low and behold I see the whole family walk in.  The father of the baby comes over to me beaming with joy and tells me that at the last minute his girlfriend did not go through with the abortion.

This is what happened.  She already had the I.V in her arm and was waiting to be put to sleep.
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 They had told her she would be put to sleep for the murdering.  But while she was waiting she saw a young woman come out of the procedure looking terrible.  Another young woman had been given an I.V. to put her to sleep and for some reason it was not working.  All this drama scared her, and she asked to have the I.V. removed and left.   All this happened on Sunday.  But it was not until this afternoon (Thursday) that she came and told the dad of the child, that she had not murdered their child.

Lessons for all of us.  1) Never give up hope after praying.  God is much more powerful than we can ever imagine.  2) In spite of set backs, keep on praying the Holy Rosary at the abortion mills.  3) Plan events where we can protest against the murder of innocent children.  4) Teach our children that sex is only to conceive children in a life long sacramental marriage where they will be protected rather than murdered.  5) Support the mothers who are pregnant with love and truthful facts about the child in their womb.

I am sure much good will come out of this whole episode.   Thank you to each one of you who prayed.  Thank you God and Mary for hearing our prayers.  Thank you to the young woman who changed her mind and her boyfriend, for going all the way into the mill to try to talk her out of it.  I am sure that this baby will be some very special child from all the events that have led up to him/her being saved.

We are so fortunate to have access to prayer and know that life is a gift from God to be protected.  Let us always keep faith that God does hear our prayers.