Traditional Catholic Mystical Body of Christ (SuperNatural Family) is the Solution to Loneliness and Isolation # 5

Our faith in God and our membership in the Catholic Church gives us a lofty, real perspective of the all the great possibilities to have an extra ordinary Church, marriage and family.  By means of the Holy Sacraments, God places the family in the hierarchy of the Mystical Body of Christ.  Jesus Christ is the head, then comes the pope, the bishops, the priests, the consecrated religious and then the family.  Each individual and family are indispensable parts and organs of the one Body of Christ.  The blood the all the grace that flows from the Holy Spirit by means of Holy the Sacraments.

All-SaintsWe live in a super individualistic society.  But we also reap the fruits of individualism and selfishness, which is loneliness and isolation in a disconnected society.  Even though we are more connected than ever through the internet, Facebook and cell phones, most individuals still feel lonely and empty.  People desperately try to find intimacy through “casual” sexual relationships that leave them guilty and unsatisfied.

God has designed His Catholic Church to give us intimacy, unity and satisfying familiar love.  But it all has to be in the context of obedience and submission, two concepts that are despised today.

Jesus, the Head of the Church, was submissive and obedient to His Father in all things.  The Vicar of Christ, bishops, priests, consecrated religious, husbands, wives and children all have to be submissive and obedient too, if their is going to be a loving, harmonious union in the Church.  If the chain of obedience and submissiveness is broken, it effects the healthy order of the whole body.  As Christ was humbly obedient and submissive to His Father, so the pope has to be obedient and submissive to God’s laws and teachings. When this does not happen, we can see the effect it has on the whole Mystical Body.

One of the grave matters that caused Pope Benedict to abdicate was the lack of obedience and submission to him from the cardinals and bishops around the Vatican (Curia) and world.  He could not function with the “collegiality” of his office, where he was just one more bishop amongst many and therefore had become a mere figure head.   To see this you just need to study the resistance by the bishops to the promulgation of the Summorum Pontificum for the permission to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin from the 1962 Missal.  Pope Benedict XVI Baptism of the Lord

Inorder for the pope to do his job according to God’s will, he has to be humbly obedient to God and the Church’s 2000 year old teachings.   He only uses his authority to guard the Deposit of Faith that was handed on to him by God, the Apostles, the Fathers of the Church and his preceding popes.  When he fails to do this in humble submission and obedience to God, the whole Body suffers greatly.   Each one of us traditional Catholic can clearly see the serious bleeding and infection everywhere we look around us in the Church.

Bishops, like the pope, have likewise been instructed by God to protect the truth of the Church and to care for the poor.  They are also to be submissive and obedient to the pope when he is being obedient to God and faithful to Catholic tradition.  They are entrusted with the governing of the local church in union with the pope in Rome for the good of God and all.

GIRL KNEELS AS SHE RECEIVES COMMUNION FROM POPEBut since Vatican II, each bishop is like a “little pope” and does what ever he wants in his diocese.  The bishops demand obedience and submission of the priests and faithful, but many times are not obedient and submissive to God, the Church’s 2000 year old traditions nor to the pope.  Many are like self made dictators, oppressing any priest, religious, deacon or lay person who is traditional and tries to be faithful to the Church’s magisterium.  It is so hypocritical to demand obedience and submission of all those subordinate to them, when they have hardly anyone higher to answer too.  It is again the dangerous abuse of legitimate authority.

Priests (pastors) are entrusted by God with the authority to lead a parish.  They also need to be humbly submissive and obedient to God, the Church’s teachings and hierarchy (pope and their bishop).  Parishioners and employees are to be obedient to their pastor.  The priest are to be humble servants, and not it for any financial gain.

But the reality is that with all the pastoral councils and support of the diocese for the laity over the pastor, the pastor has to please everyone except God.  If he happens to be faithful to God and the Church’s teachings, he most likely will be kicked out by the parishioners, with the support of the bishop.  This does not happen all the times, but does many times.  It is all about what the individual bishop believes and the people.  With the diocesan environment of people, committees and employees having almost absolute consultatory power, the pastor becomes nothing more than a figure head and pawn of who ever has money and power.  Feminist religious and bishops have emasculated the priesthood into a “mister nice priest” in “a church of nice” unless you may go against the feminist who have most of the power in the dioceses and parishes.  Then watch out, you will see the “church of nice” become a “church of severe discipline and oppression.” Again this is why the church is in such a terrible mess where most good priests are silence, persecuted and ostracized.

Benedictine Nuns_perpetual profession of vowsConsecrated religious have taken the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.  They also are to be obedient and subordinate to God, the pope and their superiors.  They are to live poorly without investments and luxury.   Each order was founded to promote the Catholic faith by prayer, teaching and humbly service to the poor.  Sexual purity is one of their greatest witnesses to a world filled with sensuality.

nuns-for-choiceAgain these vows have become so “relative” since Vatican II.  Some religious orders are a group of individuals who pretty much do what they want most of the time.  Yes, they get permission, but usually it is given for most things the religious may feel like doing.  There is also some breaking of the vow of chastity as we have seen with the sex abuse crisis.  There is also some homosexual activity going on too, and in some cases, pressure is put on new members to accept and be involved with it.  Most religious receive large salaries that does go to the order.
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 But they still have much wealth in their bank accounts and stock market investments.  That is not the vow of poverty.  Feminist nuns are into running the church.  They want power and large salaries.

Fathers of families are to be humbly submissive and obedient to God, the Church’s true teachings, and their pastor.  He is to be the head of his home and family.  He does this in loving, sacrificial service for the well-being of his family.  Their wife and children are to work with him and obey him for the good of the order and unity of the whole family.  They are spiritually responsible for the spiritual well being of the family by making sure the family gets to Holy Mass, prays and gets to confession.   They are also to be the providers of the family by being disciplined and working for the financial well being of the family

st josephAlmost all modern fathers are not obedient to God’s laws, their pastor or men of prayer.  Some fathers are irresponsible and not present with the mother of their children nor to their own children.  Many are afraid to be men because of the caustic feministic society we live in.  If they try to be head of the house, they are condemned by women and society.  Many men have abdicated to the strong feminist woman their important position of authority for the good of the family.  But others have abuse their manly power as head and oppress their wives and children in a terrible way.   Many over work or are lazy, irresponsible fathers.  Some waste their families money rather than being the provider.  They see children as a burden rather than a great gift from God.

Mothers are to be humbly submissive to God, the Church’s true teachings and their husbands.  They have an irreplaceable, spiritual influence on their children.  Their office of service to their husband and family is of utmost importance.  Children are to obey them and help them.  They are to keep the home in order and with dignified beauty, that only a woman can do.  They are to prepare healthy and good meals.

Mothers today are usually working and spending a great deal of money.  They are totally influenced by the feminist perspective of role models and tend to run everything.  They do not want many children, if even any.  They do not pray and study their faith as they should.  Many mother are too tired and therefore impatient with their children.  Some get angry too easily and call the children names that damage the child’s self image.  Some do not take the time to prepare good meals and would rather have pizza.  Their houses are messy and disordered.  Some waste a lot of time watching television, talking on the phone or on the internet.

Children are to be subject to God and their parents in humble obedience.  They also have a responsibility to study about God and to pray.  They are to encourage assistance at Holy Mass every Sunday.  They are help around the house and to study to be able to develop all their God given talents.  They are to have holy healthy friendships.  They are to pray to find out what God wills for them in their vocation, priesthood, religious or married.

priest-children-bagshot-surreyBut the reality is that most children do not love God very much and therefore are not inclined to be obedient to Him or to their parents.  If parents are not obedient to God, why should children be obedient to parents?  Many children study to be able to make money rather than what will be fulfilling and able to help others.  Most children waste most of their time watching television and playing Intendo, video games and other electronic entertainment.  They go to bed when they want to and on vacation sleep most of the day and are up most of the night.  Most do not like to pray at all.  They often lie to their parents and have bad friends.  Many have boyfriends and girlfriends without their parents knowing.

This is a very superficial analysis of the members of the Mystical Body of Christ.  But it is a place to start from to look at where the diseased parts of the body are and the proper medicine for it’s healing to begin.

Disobedience started with Adam and Eve and is still omnipresent.  We traditional Catholics need to be holy and obedient to God and His teachings.   We need to be loving and kind in all the areas that we are in any way charge of.  We need to be so humble in the roles of authority.  The more authority and the higher the position, the more we are accountable to God after death.  So we administer our authority with fear and trepidation, but we administer it nonetheless.

The Church desperately needs to get back to being the way God wants it to be.  The family desperately needs to get back to the way God wants it to be too.  Then we will start to see fruits, success, meaning, unity, love and happiness once again.