Dead Souls Everywhere You Look and the Pope Doesn’t Seem to Worry About It.

Went to get my reading glasses frames repaired.  As always, I can help but observe how the way men and women are dressed.  Their hair styles, tattoos, piercings and clothing speak volumes of their interior souls.  And it is obvious to anyone with a pure heart, something is wrong with whats going on inside their souls.
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H116_PSoulsTheir souls have been killed by their parents lack of knowledge and living the traditional Catholic faith.  Their souls have been killed by popes, bishops, priests and parents who have failed to take care of their sheep.  Their souls have been killed by the poison of mortal sin that family and friends introduced them to.  Their souls have been killed by teachers at their schools who teach them sex education and that the Catholic Church has been bad throughout history.  Their souls have been killed by the music they listen to and movies and TV they have been allowed to watch.  Their souls have been killed by the books they have read.  And the Church, the parents and friends have looked the other way and just accept this as normal.

If we would see dead bodies strewn all over the place, would we just go on as if everything is fine?  Maybe, considering how we are becoming less and less sensitive to evil.

vaticanii 2Why I bring this reality up is that the pope, bishops and priests think everything is fine with the way the Church has changed since Vatican II.  It seems, since then, that they care more about social justice issues.   They focus on issues like people having work, housing, food and immigrants being welcomed and everyone being treated with respect rather than the terrible condition of their souls.

Caring about social issues is important, but the soul is way more important.  The Spiritual Works of Mercy have always been more important than the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Both are important, but the Soul is eternal and this life is temporal.

So we traditional Catholics need to keep on praying for the conversion of our pope, bishops, priest, religious, parents and teachers to begin to see the dead souls everywhere and then begin to pray and preach to help save these dead souls.

The dead souls everywhere is to be terribly lamented, but the good news is that, unlike dead bodies, souls can be brought back to life.  They are eternal.

For us traditional and orthodox priests, our duty is to manfully direct souls by truth, correction and Holy Confession.  When we are loving and bold, in admonishing the sinner, by God’s grace, we bring souls back to life and help them avoid further poisoning.  We are so fortunate to be able to bring back a dead soul to life.

If anyone reads this and is in mortal sin and living a progressive catholic life, please pray and go to confession and humbly begin a new life in Jesus.