The Natural Life Leads to Proof of the Super Natural Life.

I have extremely sad news.  That, on of all days, Sunday, the young woman we were all praying for and who had changed her mind, went to the Murder Baby Planned Parenthood Clinic to end her child’s life.   We are not sure if she went through with the murder, but it is most likely, since the father went there to try to save the baby, and she was already inside waiting to have the baby killed. Pieta 2The father tried every way possible to persuade her to keep their child, but a feminist friend had more influence over her decision than the father.  It does not look good at all, but we can still pray that at the last minute the mother saved her child’s life???????  We can also pray for the mother, grandmother and father.  We can also pray that something good comes out of this murder. Holy Innocents_ANGELICO, FraMore terrible news is that the Supreme Court held up a lower court decision that the Law here in Arizona, that stopped pre baby killing after 20 weeks pregnancy, was “illegal”.

In its ruling, the federal appeals court said the law violates a woman’s constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy before a fetus is able to survive outside the womb. “Viability” of a fetus is generally considered to start at 24 weeks. Normal pregnancies run about 40 weeks.”  Fox News

What about the constitutional right to the un born baby to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.   Where in the constitution do I receive the right to kill humans, born or before they are born?  All this proves that the Natural state of affairs will have its own devastating results in the end, and that every person that is involved with this will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

For example the young woman never saw the sonogram because the technician advised her not to because it would “have a life long effect on her if she were to see her child”.  But she will still have the life long effect of those words spoken to her by the technician.  She will also have a life long effect from having gone through the medical procedure that killed her child. misa S Gregorio-thumb-300x414It is for sure that the father of this child will never forget all that led up to this horrible murder.  He is already over with the relationship with the mother because of how she went against him and killed their son.  The grandmother will not forget taking her grandchild to the mill to be killed.  There will be guilt and depression.  This family has just lost one of the greatest treasures a family could receive, progeny, a new happy member of the family.

There will be many more natural effects from all this Unnatural killing of life.  These Natural actions will lead to nothing but suffering for everyone involved.  All this leads to the Super Natural.  This proves that God exists and loves us.  God teaches us through His divine revelation not to kill innocent life.  Whether you believe in God or not, when we do kill innocent life, there are terrible consequences.  Believe in God or not, there will always be terrible Natural consequences that the Super Natural revelation warned about and prohibits.  There will be, vise versa, wonderful Natural consequences by obeying what Super Natural revelation allows.  As in this case, it would have been the happiness of a new born child.

The child would still be alive if the child had been conceived into a happy holy marriage between a man and a woman who believed in only having relations to have children (like Biology 101 says, relationships = baby). The Super Natural revelations teaches that the grandmother, mother and father would be happy right now rather than having to meet their child upon death. agony_ga_VELDE, Adriaen van deEach one of us have a grave responsibility to love our Catholic faith, to study it and to live it.  And it is for sure, that every time we do not, we will suffer terrible life long Natural consequences.

This leads to the truth that we will also suffer terrible, eternal life long, Super Natural consequences (meet the murdered baby and if not repented, the fires of hell).

But if we learn from these Natural sufferings and consequences, and come back to God in sorrow and confession, we will begin the healing process.  We will learn our lesson and avoid sin in the future.  We will also help others to not sin, because we love them and do not want to see pre born babies killed and their parents and grandparents suffering for the rest of their lives.

We are so so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and to be working to save lives instead of helping to kill them.  Here in the United States, the Supreme Court is just signing off the Natural death sentence to future citizens.  The Supreme Court, by protecting the gravest criminal activity there can be (the unjust law to be able to murder innocent life) will lose all authority to protect any just law in the future.  The only purpose of Government is to protect us the citizens from evil, not to protect evil.  So the natural reaction to this will be more crime everyday all over the United States and the eventual down fall of our country.

Where is the protection to pursue LIFE, liberty and happiness?????  Why are more and more Americans on antidepressants?????  Is this happiness?????