Genetic Testing to Get Rid of Down Syndrome Babies and Then Who Knows Who Next.

Here is a comment on the new, “less invasive” test to see if your pre born child has Down Syndrome or other DNA or Chromosome “defect”.

1aaaa1aaa1Regina_Angelorum1“I hve twins with Down Syndrome. I had good Christian doctors who “knew” me and did not pressure me for “testing.” That being said, today there is (being) developed a “simple lood test” for genetic anomalies in utero (we all have them).
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And of course the pilot program is (as always) targetting Trisomy 2/Down Syndrome1 at FIRST.
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Then it is rolled out across the board for things like the “gene for cancer” or the “gene for diabetes.” I will send along the link to the article, now a few years old, about this test as developed here in San Diego CA.”