10 Ways to Identify a Traditional Catholic Prophet and 10 Ways to Keep on Being one.

Absolutely no one wants to be told they are wrong.  For this reason, traditional Catholic prophets are treated so badly.  These prophets do not like being ostracized, ridiculed, disciplined and silenced by the Church hierarchy (as what has happened to the Franciscans of the Immaculate and in particular the founder Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli).

Franciscans of the Immaculata_tarquinia iiIn the Old Testament the prophets were badly abused and killed for speaking God’s truth. The life of a prophet is mostly one of being persecuted by imprisonment, beatings, being silenced and often killed.  Prophets words are discounted and ignored by calling them “crazy” or “evil”.

Jesus and St. John the Baptist were persecuted and killed for being prophets.  Jesus was considered crazy too.  “And his friends had heard of it, they went to lay hold of him.  For they said: He is become mad.” Mark 3: 21.  He was also called “evil” and possessed by the devil by the religious of His time too.   “And the scribes who were come down from Jerusalem, said: He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of devils he casteth out devils”.  Mark 3: 22

2 - Angels and monstranceHere are 10 characteristics that more or less describe a Traditional Catholic Prophet today.

1) Someone whom has, by the grace of the Holy Spirit has been led to God’s truth.

2) Has studied the Bible, is fairly familiar with it and tries to live by what it teaches.

3) Has studied the traditional Church’s teachings and modernist teachings.

4) Has a great love for God, Mary, the saints, and tries to copy them by a life of holiness.

5) Has usually come out of a liberal or secular background.

6) Has spoken out about Catholic truth and been persecuted a lot for their beliefs.

7) Is young and has only recently discovered the Holy Latin Mass.

8) Usually prays a lot and goes to Holy Latin Mass more than once a week.

9) Has studied in depth the difference between the New Mass and the Latin Mass.

10) Is a repented sinner who goes to confession regularly and tries to avoid all mortal sin.

12_07_09_4_MarksThe Catholic prophet can not help but see the errors in the Church, society and their families.  And therefore, with great reluctancy, speak out, knowing that if they do they will be persecuted, silenced and possibly be kill in the not to near future (for opposing laws that protect sinful lifestyles and the killing of the unborn babies).

In his letters, St. Paul describes the gift of prophecy as having three characteristics: of edifying, exhorting and comforting.

We traditional Catholics need to study these characteristics to imitate them.

As a traditional prophet we need to remember to do 10 things.

1) Start by taking a honest inventory of our own sins and defects and working on rooting out our own errors.  Get the plank out of our own eye first so that we can get the speck out of the others.

2) Only bring up the sins and errors in the Church so that they can be recognized and then corrected.  We do not bring up sins and false teachings just to show we are right or out of pride.

3) Edifying (build up) the Mystical Body of Christ by recognizing and finding rotting termite infested wood in the Church.   This wood was hastily and only recently put in the Church structure after the old traditional stones were removed and thrown away (by Modernist).

4) Fortify the Church again with by replacing the traditional stones that were thrown away, one that cannot be infested with termites or dry rot.

5) Exhort all Catholics to be faithful to the Bible and the 2000 year old teachings.

6) Exhort all Catholics to return to the ancient liturgies because the law “Lex Orandi leads to Lex Credendi” is true.

7) Be willing to be persecuted for saying sin is still sin and displeases God, hurts us and all those around us.

8) Comfort all those who are conscious of the terrible condition of the Catholic Church, governments and society in general by reminding them that God is all powerful.  Remind them that, as the Psalm 124 that says: “Our Help is in the Name of the Lord who Made Heaven and Earth.”

9) Remind those suffering for Catholic tradition and truth, that Jesus foretold that we would be hated by the world.  Then remind them that Jesus also said: “Be not afraid because I have overcome the world“.

10) Remind everyone that Jesus will reward us forever for every great or little thing we have done for love of Him and His Church.  He will return and put everything in its proper place. Then and only then can we rest with Him.  This world belongs to the devil and his friends.  Do not get discouraged.  God, Mary, the Angels and all the saints are working along with us.  We are not alone.  God is so so much greater than all the devils and bad people put together.  What we need is more faith and trust in His power as we be His humble prophets.

_IGP5280The prophets of old knew that they were only humble servants of God’s Word.  Let us remember, we do our job of speaking His Word and let God do the rest.  Stay loving and humble.

We are so fortunate to be able to be God’s humble servant prophets to build up the His Church by traditional Catholic truths.  Let us copy St. Francis’ example.