Pre Born Babies Murdered Because of “Supposed” Birth Defects

Here at St. Catherine of Siena, Phoenix, Az. the parents and the children in Catechism start off the catechism classes with the Holy Latin Mass.  Then the children have 2 1/2 hours of religion classes, while at the same time the parents also receive their religious instruction.

tumblr_mvrlthqdxy1r6mdnjo1_500At the adult class, I told them the wonderful news about the young woman who changed her mind about killing her pre born baby because of prayer and the young man’s counsel. After class, a mother brought her son to tell me that the doctor had said her son was going to be born with birth defects because of her diabetes.   Her husband tried to force her to kill her pre born child, but she resisted and has a healthy happy son of 11 years.  She is going to tell all the class next Saturday.  I will show you a picture of them too here on this blog.

After speaking with her, another mother came up to tell me that she is pregnant and the doctors say that the intestines of her pre born son are outside of the abdomen cavity.  She cried and we prayed.  Because of what she is going through and because of the excellent catechesis, she then went to confession after 6 years and her husband wants to go too.

photoThis same mother (pictured above), told me too, that her son in the picture, was suppose to be deformed and was told to abort him.  Here he is safe and alive and normal.  So I ask all of you to please pray for this mother and all the other mothers who have been told that their pre born children are missing a chromosome, have down syndrome or some other birth defect.

When you hear of a mother or father going through the trial of hearing that their baby is defective in the womb, listen to them, support them, pray for them and remind them that most of the time the doctors are wrong.  I can not count the number of times I have been told the same story over and over again.  “The doctors say that there is something wrong with the child and to kill it by abortion, when the child comes out perfect”.

It will be one horrible day of reckoning when these parents die and the doctors and staff who killed them die and see that these children were perfect and murdered for reason at all.  Defects or not, no one has the right to take a life in the womb or out of the womb.

A mothers womb used to be the safest place in the world.  Now it is the most dangerous place, where millions of children are murdered.  No single war ever has killed so many humans.  And these children have absolutely no defense.  At least if you are at war, you have a chance of defending yourself with a weapon.

Even if our children may have a defect, God has created this child for a very very good reason.  Handicapped children bring out the best (and at time the worst) in families.  They are “teachers of charity” as Mother Theresa called them.

photoAfter that another mother in the picture above, was told by the doctors that if she had her daughter she was for sure to die.  She went on to have two more daughters.

We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and know what is right and what is murder.