Traditional Latin Mass, Abortion, Homosexuality, BirthControl, BrainDead are Subjects to be Avoided or Else…

All of us who are traditional Catholics feel strongly about what is happening in the Catholic Church.  What I mean is the strong progressive, modernist agenda of telling us to be silent about the intrinsic evil of abortion, homosexual activity, birth control, divorce and modesty.
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  This agenda is being imposed on most Catholics.

tumblr_mw0m95aSHX1r6mdnjo1_500I bring this issue up, because these are extremely important moral issues that need to be addressed for the well being of our society.  How can anyone ever be for the murder of the unborn babies?   Any rational person, without prejudices, knows that abortion kills unborn human beings at a stage we all went through to be born.  How can anyone in their right mind condone this?

But, as you have all noticed, when ever we bring up these good, sane, Catholic morals, they almost instantaneous cause negative responses.   It is as if the devil gets to work instantly and hostility is manifested.

I preached about the child that was saved from abortion at Holy Mass today.  Right off I have to be concerned about angry people, simply because I mentioned the “abortion” word in church.  I know this because it has happened to me so many time.

2011094729traditional_mass_2_insideNow, what I have also noticed, is that this same exact intense negative reaction also comes about as soon as you bring up anything about the Holy Latin Mass.  It is almost the exact same reaction as that which comes from those who are in support of abortion, birth control, homosexual sex, immodesty and divorce.

Yet, even with this negative reaction, we still need to share the beauty and power of the Holy Latin Mass along with voicing the evil of abortion and the other serious sins that are destroying our society today.

What is it about the Holy Latin Mass that it also brings up the same sentiments in Catholics like those angry sentiments of pro abortion advocates?

I contend that it is the devil and the influence of the world on most Catholics.
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 Just like the devil hates life and therefore promotes abortion, he also hates the Holy Latin Mass and promotes a watered down version.

We are so fortunate to know this and must get use to the same old trick of the devil, an angry response and getting in trouble.  He will always have his friends to fight for the murdering of babies and getting rid of the Holy Sacred Sacrifice of the Mass.  Latin and the Sacred Sacrifice of the Holy Mass destroy the power of the devil.  For this reason he hates Latin and the Holy Mass.