Thanks to God, Mary’s Holy Rosary, and All Your Prayers, a Baby Saved From Abortion Murder

This morning I received the WONDERFUL NEWS that the young woman I posted about, decided to keep her child and not murder it.  This is what makes our lives meaningful.  Never get discourage, keep on praying and talking to others about LIFE and the evil of abortion.  Keep on getting informed about who it is in the womb and the stages of development.

9fd71b40c2566511a2396d9d70b3152eJust to recap the actions that saved the life:

1) A Catholic well informed young man talked with his friend who was considering murdering her pre born baby (whom she called “only a blob of cells”) and told her the value of the life in her womb.  He also knew at what stage the child develops a heart beat.

2) He told his mom, who dropped everything and came with him to pray with me the Holy Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
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3) I let all of you know, and everyone I came in contact with that day, asking them to pray for this young mother.
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 Your prayers, united with ours, and God and Mary saved that child’s life.  Thank You God, Mary and Let us Rejoice.