How To Have a Happy Traditional Catholic Family # 1

Traditional Catholics have always been taught by their Catholic faith that the foundation of society is the family unit.  As so goes the family, so goes the society and so goes the world we are interacting as your read this right now.  If you have happened, by any chance, to notice that the world you are living in is “somewhat messed up” and “unsafe” it is simply because our families are “totally messed up”.   Believe it or not, the people involved in crimes come from families, what ever that may mean.  They did somehow have a mother and a father, whether together or not.

Creation of the Sun Moon and Planets_MICHELANGELO BuonarrotiWhen I was visiting the jail this week, I notices (scientific fact) that most of the prisoners were men and most of their visitors were women.  What I conclude from this is that these women were either their single mothers, wives, or girlfriends.  Many of the women had brought children with them to visit the inmates.  What kind of family are these?

IMG_3223The healthy, happy, holy family is based on a healthy, happy, holy, faithful to a lifelong marriage blessed in the Catholic Church between a holy man and a holy woman.

Let us not believe the lie of the devil and today’s society, that any type of “family”; married, single parent, divorced, living together, homosexual, polygamy; all lead to happy couples and children.  The scientific evidence just is not there.  The facts are just the opposite.  Study all the data on children from single parent, divorce or stepparent homes behavior and performance at school.

God intended to have the extended family; with mom and dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and many many children running around.  He also intended this family to live on a farm where they also have a cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, cats and dogs.  God never wanted the nuclear family with just the dad, mom and 1 to 2 children living on their own.

Nativity_Stained glass_adoration of the ShepherdsFor all of us who are not so fortunate as to be able to be around the constant presence of a tiny children, we forget that babies are the “joy of the house”.  We need to get out of our two child or adult only environment and visit a home where there are little children running around, playing, laughing and crying too.  At first it will take some time to get over “you” to be able to start observing the children’s joy and imagination.

Since most of us come from a “family” and may be still in a family, I am going to do a series of articles on how to get back to healthy, happy, holy families.  I am using the book “Advice for Successful Families” by Father Alain Delangneau.  The book is published by Angelus Press, just in case someone may want to purchase it.

I will do it, as I have in the past, by using Fr. Delangneau’s book as a springboard to interject my own advice on how to have a successful family.

We men and women are social beings and for this reason God instituted two sacraments for the good of our society; Holy Priesthood and Holy Matrimony.

priest image iiiThe priesthood is to conduct all men to their eternal destiny, heaven.  For this reason, we traditional Catholics know that the Holy Latin Mass is the heart of our faith by which we are helped to get to heaven.  By reverently assisting at the Holy Mass, we receive the graces to be sanctified and allow God to save us.  By the priest administering the Holy Sacraments, he becomes the instrument to pour God’s divine life into the souls entrusted to his care.  By his authority and example, he unites the faithful to Jesus, the Savior of the world.  He also does it by his preaching and spiritual counsels.

The Holy Sacrament of Marriage is ordered to giving life to children whom, once baptized, form the Mystical Body of Christ.  The parents are the ministers of God’s graces by sharing their faith and making sure that their children receive the Holy Sacraments.  The family co-operates with God to form the Catholic city of heaven.

sacrament5All of us who have lived through these last 50 years, have seen the destruction of Holy Matrimony and subsequently the holy family unit.  When I was a child, I never knew of one divorced couple. Now it is rare to find a couple who has not been divorce.  Most couples are just living together and opting out for marriage.  Even fewer couples are getting married with a Catholic marriage.  And those of those who do, each one has their own beliefs as to what marriage is about and whether to have children or not.  Most do not practice their Catholic faith or go to Holy Mass on a regular basis.
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 Most only want a very few children.

So to begin with, we need to re-educate the ourselves and the youth as to what God intends for them to have Holy, healthy, and happy marriages.  That means marriages based on God’s laws and counsel that will bring forth good children, raised in a loving, united and virtuous family.
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 We are so fortunate to know what the traditional Catholic Church teaches on the family life and marriage.  All who learn and live by God’s loving rules, will definitely have happier marriages and families.  Enough of dysfunctional marriages, families and societies.  It is worth praying, studying and working to form a Holy family.