Traditional Epiphany Misa Cantata and Loving People and Piñata

On the real Epiphany, January 6th. we had two Latin Missas Cantatas.  One was for the whole St. Catherine School in the morning and one at 5:30 in the afternoon for all those parishioners who wanted to come.  Immediately after the Holy Latin Mass all the families brought food, drinks and deserts to share.  We had a great time.

Epiphany_Darmstadt Altarpiece_UNKNOWN MASTER, GermanThe three kings gave me the gift of being able to give our Holy Communion at the evening Mass.  I organized this celebration to be happy about the three wise men coming to adore Jesus.  But I was asked to go to visit the young man in jail and they have visits only on Sunday and Monday.  I had to wait a hour and a half to get in to visit him. Good time for many Holy Rosaries.  But it made me late to get back to the parish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyway I did not get back to the parish until 6:30.  I passed by the church and saw that everyone was still in the church, but figured it was too late to help with Holy Communion.  I went to the hall and waited, but no one was coming.  So, in spite of it being so late, I went over to the church and was so happy to find them just finishing the consecration.  I went to the sacristy and vested and was able, thanks to the three kings, to help with communion.  In the Latin mass the only one that gives Holy Communion are the priests, and when there are a lot of people, it goes quicker with 2 priests.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomeone brought a Piñata, but we needed candy to fill it.  So we rushed to the store and bought dulces (candy) to fill it.

anointing_of_the_sickThen a friend came and told me a woman, with whom I had heard her confession was dying.  I said; “let go right now”.  I did the traditional Last Rites, or Extreme Unction.  She died 10 minutes later.  All this on the holy feast of the Epiphany.