Traditional Catholic Women are Different from Traditional Catholic Men

Whether you are a traditional Catholic woman or not, you are different from men, traditional or not.  As I always state, I like scientific evidence to prove traditional Catholic beliefs.

Carrying the Cross_ROMANINO, GirolamoYesterday I went to visit a parishioner’s son in jail.
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 The jail was full of men.  Looking at the U. S. Bureau of Justice statistics for the end of 2011; they show that there were 2,266,800 adults incarcerated.
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 There are 70,792 juveniles.  Another 4,814,200 adults are on probation.  93.2 % are male and 6.8 % are female.

U.S._adult_correctional_population_timelineWhy are the feminist not protesting these statistics.  They claim men and women are the same.  Therefore we should have an equal number of men as women in prison.

But the scientific fact is that men have testosterone and women have estrogen.  Because of this, men are taller, more muscular and are more aggressive than women.  Again this is simple scientific truth.

350px-US_incarceration_timeline-clean-fixed-timescale.svgSo we men need to be thankful for the way God made us.  But we are also to channel all our male energy toward good not bad.  We were created to fight against evil and injustices.  We are to protect the Church, women and the family.  And this will only happen when men are acting like they were created to be.  That is converted to God and letting the Holy Spirit form and guide them.

Like our Lady God made women to nurture, comfort and bring warmth into this cold world.offerin

The devil loves to have all these men in prison (and most of them young men).  They gave into their passions and end up being treated like little children again.  They are told when to get up, when to use the bathroom, when to eat and when to exercise.  They did not exercise self control of their desires through prayer and mortification.  And because of this their uncontrolled desires exercised them into prison.

The devil wants them locked up in the prime of their lives right when God had great plans for them to fulfill.  Just when they are the strongest, smartest and (when they should be) happiest, they end up locked up.  They should be using this youthful energy to pray, learn and help rather than to fight, kill and destroy society.

All of us traditional Catholics need to continue visiting those who are imprisoned or in juvenile hall.  Every soul has infinite value.