Good News for Traditional Catholic Priests and Other Traditionalist.

I personally know how much misunderstanding, censuring and at times plain hatred and abuse just for you receive for being traditional priests (and this is also true for most of you traditional Catholics).   I want to tell you to offer it all up because it is all worth it, in this life and in the eternal life to come.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my parish of St. Catherine of Siena, Phoenix Az, there is a very kind Novus Ordo deacon.  Even though he does not appreciate or necessarily know much about traditional Catholicism, he has always been charitable to me, even when he knows that I am traditional.  This charity is rare and so wonderful to see in our Church today.  We can learn from him too, by ourselves always (above all) being loving and kind to everyone, Novus Ordo or Traditional.

Anyway, on January 1, when we had the Solemn High Latin Mass, he surprised me and came and brought friends along with him.  Today was the first time I have seen him since that day.  He was so excited as he told me that, not only did he, but his friends he that had invited as well, were totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the Holy Latin Mass.  He said his friends left with their mouths dropped open in awe.  I told him that is why Pope Benedict called it the “great treasure” of the Church.

He especially commented on how he was so impressed by the precise movements, postures and reverence of the altar boys.  He also told his friends to kneel and receive the Sacred Host on the tongue.

msza_tryd_ryc[1]heilige messeSo you wonderful traditional priests and laity out there, who are shunned, persecuted like the early christians and treated as blacks in the back of the bus (Church), it is all well worthwhile.   We never know when someone wake up to discover the beauty in the Holy Traditional Rites of the Catholic Church.  Just be a traditional Catholic one Latin Mass at a time.  God is in charge of His Church after all, we are nothing more than His miserable servants.

We are not here to please man, who are impossible to please.  We are here to please God who is very easily pleased when we practice what He developed in our Church over these last 2000 years.  There is so much suffering involved in being a traditional priest, but it is also so wonderful at the same time.