Every Life Has Value and Traditional Catholics are Saving Lives.

A friend of mine called to ask me to meet her and her son to pray the Holy Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament.   Her son’s friend is thinking of killing her child by abortion.  I dropped everything and joined them at the Blessed Sacrament.  Please pray for this young woman and all women considering killing their tiny babies.

mary 4She is 8 weeks pregnant and was told that the child is nothing more than a “blob of cells”.  I have heard this many times.  Question: At what stage do those “blob of cells” become you?   Answer: The instant you were conceived.

My friend told me that here in Arizona, at this stage of her pregnancy, she will have to see a sonogram of the child before she will be able to have it killed.  He told her that she will see that her child already has a beating heart.  He did very good job of trying his best to talk her out of it.  He is intelligent and immediately looked up fetal development at this stage.  But he also knew it was important to pray the Holy Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament for the safety of this child.

tumblr_mvrlthqdxy1r6mdnjo1_500So many people choose the “quick fix” of abortion to get out of an unwanted situation.  If only they knew that they will never forget that day.   Besides their baby’s soul does not just disappear at the end of the bloody procedure.  Their child will exist forever and they (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa) will all meet him some day when they die.

When someone comes to me in a “unwanted pregnancy” situation, I first say how wonderful that a new child will be coming into the world.  I also bless the baby in the mother’s tommy.

But I also say that it is sad that it was conceived in this way.  I also explain to her that it is important to be happy about the child because he will be effected by all the emotions of the mother during their pregnancy.   I believe babies feel rejection even in the womb.

I can understand parents deep sense of being betrayed by their daughter having had sex before Holy Matrimony.  But at the same time, if they are so hard on their daughter they can drive them to kill their grandchild.  So it is a hard balance to keep when the bad and good news is broken.  It is also important for parents to tell their children that they believe that parents should support a daughter even if she has sinned and conceived a child.

pregnancyWhen I have people come to me grieving and repentant of their babies murder, I have them do three things.

1) I have them ask the child to forgive them for not having given him a chance to live, as they were so fortunate to be given by their parents.

2) I also tell them to name the baby (like angel because the do not know if the baby was a girl or a boy).

3) I ask them to speak up for the voiceless children in the womb when ever they can and get involved in the Pro-Life movement.

Many people are embarrassed to admit to having murdered their child to friends and families.  But as the “Silent No More” movement has shown, once you can tell people about your sin and pain, you begin to start to heal.  The pro-murder groups say that abortion is a good option for women.   So when people openly share their pain, guilt, infertility and depression, it flies in the  face of those who say that this is good for women.

If possible, and you have had an abortion, telling others of your personal experience will speak with more weight than someone who never has.  And never despair of God’s mercy, even for such an abhorrent sin.  God’s mercy is much greater than the worst sin we could ever commit.  When confessed with great sorrow and repented of, God instantly begins the process of healing and the shame begins to be washed away in His precious Blood.

As I have said before, the singular greatest accomplishment in my life are the lives I have saved from the murder of abortion.  I also get great joy from the relief these mothers have from having changed their decision from murder to giving the child life.  The children have brought so much joy to these mothers.  So you also will receive the same satisfaction for having also saved lives.

abortThe devil hates life.  He is the father of lies.  He knows that the fruit of sin is death.  That is why he is so intent on getting us to sin, so that babies can die at the very beginning of their lives.  So when ever possible, go and pray the Holy Rosary at one of these death mills (abortion clinic).  The devil hates Mary and her Holy Rosary.  And speak out about the real evil of abortion.

Carlow_Cathedral_St_Dominic_Receives_the_Rosary_from_the_Virgin_Mary_2009_09_03-640x367We also want to pray the Holy Rosary so that every human will understand the great gift of sexual union in a blessed marriage.  If this young woman had kept her virginity to give to her husband in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and had believed that sex was to produce the great gift of a child, this child would not be in danger right now.


Plain Biology 101 explains that reproductive organs are only to create children.  But movies, friends and schools teach that sex is just for personal pleasure.  And then when a child happens to be conceived, he is seen as a problem and not the greatest gift God can give to us humans.   It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic and know this.

It is so great to be able to help others be kept alive.  We are so fortunate to be alive right now.  Life is hard, but life, lived for God, is extremely meaningful and beautiful.