Pray for Jahi McMath and Her Family.

The battle for life goes on in the case of Jahi McMath’s family, as they fight to have her moved to a facility that will keep her alive, even though, doctors, coroner office, and hospital say she is (brain) dead.  This is one of the most important cases in the history of life versus death battles.

Jahi_PoolThis is probably the first time in history where a so called “brain dead” person is going to be kept on life support.  It is so important, because there is still so much to learn about measurable and unmeasurable brain activity.  Doctors know a great deal, but some will also humbly admit they do not know everything.

This case gives the family the right to keep a loved one, even if doctors have deemed the person dead, on life support.  Now, what if Jahi or another person becomes conscious or as they would say, “come back from death” after being declared brain dead?

I saw a video clip of a Catholic priest, Fr. Jonathan Morris, talking on Fox News about this case.  He stated the normal catholic position that the Catholic religion goes along with science.  If the doctors say that Jahi is dead, then the church goes along with them because that is their expertise.

Immaculate Heart of MaryBut I do not agree that medical science is absolutely knowledgeable about “brain death”.  I am very cautious about this, as I have said before, because it has so much to do with what defines being alive.  We need to always “error” as they say, on the side of life, when ever there may be the slightest uncertainty.

tumblr_mw0m95aSHX1r6mdnjo1_500This may not be your daughter, in the case, but it could have been.  It even could have been you.  You may never want to be put on life support, and that is a Catholic option.  But knowing well how almost every single person feels when they are well, they want to be alive, not dead.  So if we have to be on life support for a time so as to live, most sane people would opt for that.  After recovery, most people are so thankful for their family for being there for them while they were unconscious and helpless.

The other great danger is the great demand for organ donors.  When someone is “pronounced” brain “dead”, especially young people, the organ donor society are called and put a lot of pressure on the family to let them harvest the organs.  They often convince the family by telling them the person is dead and that many people will be given organs they need to live.

I have great compassion for those who need an organ donor to live normal lives.  But I am not for harvesting organs from a person who is kept on “life” support so that the harvest can happen.  When it comes to kidney donation, this is fine, since we can live healthy lives with only one kidney.  So the donor gives one and goes on living as well.

Most people do not know that the organ donor society charges the insurance company hundreds of thousand dollars for an organ.  The person donates their organs and the society charges for them.  Yes they have there cost of harvesting and transporting them, but it should be done for free.  Other wise there could maybe financial motives mix into this extremely serious business.

God means us to live healthy happy lives.  It is God who gave us the precious gift of life and we need to protect it every way possible.