More on God’s Sense of Humor in the Freezing Global Warming.

It is interesting right now all three great global powers are fighting against God’s natural power.  Not only has the Russian ship, that was taking the “global warming” scientist around the Antarctic, been stuck in ice, but now also the Chinese Ice Breaker ship “Xue Long” or Snow Dragon” who was trying to free them, is frozen in.  So now the next world power, the United States of America is sending its Coast Guard ship Polar star to the rescue.  Let us see what the all powerful countries will do against God’s all power manifested in nature?123113_an_hunthit_640Photo from Fox News.

Let us pray for the safety of all the crew on each ship.  But let us also pray that they will realize that God is all powerful and that it is cold in the Antarctic.

I also wonder what the “global warming scientist are saying about the record cold the poor people are suffering from in the Midwest and Northeast.
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As much of the country digs out from a powerful winter storm that buried parts of the Northeast, tundra-like temperatures are poised to deliver a rare and potentially dangerous blow to the Midwest, with forecasters predicting a near-record or historic cold outbreak.” Fox News