Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor Up Against Powerful President’s Administration

The Little Sisters of the Poor are a Catholic order of nuns that help the elderly poor.  Last Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, (as far as I know is a “catholic” feminist) issued a stay from them having to comply to the “contraceptive mandate”.  These religious sisters filed their claim against ObamaCare for their employees at their homes for the elderly poor.  On Friday, the president’s administration asked the Supreme Court to not exempt them from the ObamaCare requirement to offer contraceptive and abortion drug insurance coverage.  little-sisters-of-the-poor

The government demands that the Little Sisters of the Poor sign a permission slip for abortion drugs and contraceptives, or pay of millions in fines. The Sisters believe that doing that violates their faith, and that they shouldn’t be forced to divert funds from the poor elderly and dying people they’ve devoted their lives to serve,” senior counsel Mark Rienzi said in a statement.”  Fox News

Please pray for these sisters and for the return of religious freedom here in the United States.  I say this, because we already have lost our religious freedom.  We can see this, as of right now, many Catholic and christian employers are obliged to provide abortifacient contraceptive, sterilization and morning after pill insurance coverage.

We traditional Catholics know that is all started when Catholics stopped believing that all temporal governments should be governed by Christ the King’s laws.

The other factor has been the silence of bishops, priests, and religious, for decades now, on the evil of birth control.  Not only have we had a eery silence on the evil of contraceptives from the hierarchy in the Church, but many have even raised their voice in opposition to the Church’s 2000 year prohibition against interfering with conception.

It is not only the Catholic hierarchy who oppose Jesus’ teaching, but most “catholic” lay people as well.  It goes back to when “catholics” no longer saw children as the greatest gift God could give to them (after the one or two they happened to want).  So now we are in court trying to defend the few true Catholics who still do believe, as the encyclical Humanae Vitae states, that birth control is intrinsically evil.

We traditional Catholics will probably be put in jail or loose all we have (as we see the fines imposed by the government) by the government for opposing imposed immoral laws on us like to pay for abortions, birth control or to support homosexual sin.   As the Bible relates and as the early Catholic martyrs did, there will always be a few who would rather obey God’s loving laws than obey forced government laws that go against God’s laws.

We can not expect to see most “catholics” standing up against a government who “in the name of social justice” impose immoral insurance coverage so that the poor can have “free” health care.  But we can pray that they wake up and say Yes to God’s Laws and No to anything that goes against them.  We also pray that our government will start obeying God’s laws.  Nothing is impossible for God.

100A03LittleSistersmMay new Catholic hospitals be started that again take care of the poor out of love and for free as was done before Vatican II.  What happened to the vow of poverty that allowed the religious for centuries to serve the poor for free?  Do we thank the “spirit of Vatican II” for this?  Now most religious receive higher salaries than most americans.

It costs a great deal to be a traditional Catholic, but that is what God, the Church, the poor and the world need right now.