The Catholic Traditional Grandparents and Scorpions

Once upon a time there lived a pobre (poor) old couple in Mexico.  Whenever you would visit their poor casa (home) there would always be pollos (chickens) running around.  Every morning the gallos (roosters) would wake them up and the neighbors too.  IMG_7456 Although the chickens laid juevos (eggs) and made good chicken caldo (soup), they were also troublesome when they would poop on the sidewalk.   The poor old lady would have to clean up after them every morning.   Also in those times, poor people went barefoot and when they stepped in the chicken poop, it would not feel good in between the toes.  At times it would even would get tracked around and even carried into the house.  

Even though the poor old couple found the chickens a nuisance at times, they accepted them as part of life as had their parents and their grandparents who also always had chickens around.  They also did appreciate being able to eat the chicken’s eggs and meat, so why were they going to change.

The neighbors (vecinos) would often complain to the old couple for their roosters waking them up so early.  But the poor couple would say perdon (sorry) and keep the roosters anyway.  That was just the way it had always been.

Eventually the old couple died and their children moved into their poor house.  They had a little more dinero (money), so they thought, why do we need to have these chicken around who mess up our garden.  We can afford to buy eggs and chicken meat from the tienda (store).

The neighbors were very happy to now be able to sleep in till noon without hearing the roosters crow.  The wife didn’t have to clean the sidewalks anymore.  

But one day when the husband was walking in the house bear foot, he got stung by a scorpion.   He had to immediately go to the hospital to be given anti-venom serum.   He almost died and the hospital bill was a lot of money.  

IMG_0051 After this terrible scare, they started to reflect and see why their abuelitos (grandparents) had never been stung by scorpions.  Talking to other wise old grandparents, they came to discover that those troublesome chickens had been eating the scorpions and kept the poor house safe for people.

I made up this story to describe what happens when we throw out Catholic tradition just because we think we do not need it anymore.  For hundred of years, the Holy Spirit has developed the wonderful Latin Mass and all the other traditional Catholic practices.  But then comes along the “modernist catholics” who view all these “outdated rituals” as unnecessary repetitive rubrics.  And so they throw them out.Eucharistic King_FSSP RomeThey get rid of what they considered “added on baggage” and start to simplify everything according to “modern man’s” sensibility.

Modernist consider man as “intelligent”, “sophisticated” who have no need for all this flowery religion.  If need be, someone can believe in God, but all this pomp and ceremony is useless.  In order for “modern man” to be free to be who he is, he has to be free from all this superficial, man made “dark age’s” religion.

So the modernists cut out all that they consider is extra, like genuflections, bells, blessings,  processions, altar rails, pattens, statues and long latin prayers in the mass.

They find words such as: crucifixion, blessed, sacred, propitiation, sacrifice, penance, concupiscence, evil as offensive and overdone sentimental expressions.  They perceive man as being liberated from mythical belief, so they down play the role of the supernatural and the devil.  Since the devil is insignificant, they no longer see any need for exorcisms.  If by any chance they might believe in hell, they hardly will ever speak about it.
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49635ab91dc629250c7a49f1a782aecbBut we traditionalist know that it was the Holy Spirit who has given us all this to protected the sacred, Jesus amongst us in the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  This protection is accomplished by every detail of these precise rites, words and practices.

To the young modernist, they seem totally superfluous.  But to the holy and wise, every tradition that Mother Church has carefully passed on to us, has a definite purpose or job so as to preserve what is sacred and good for all mankind.

An example of this is the raised sanctuary where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass used to be offered in old churches.  The purpose for the sanctuary, is to remind us that God is Holy.  While God is intimate and amongst us, He is at the same time Supremely Holy and Powerful.  He is to be approached with love, devotion and adoration.

As we “Go in to the Altar of God”, (Introibo ad Altare dei), we go up to where God is.  God then lifts us up from our mundane everyday experience to enter into the glories of heaven.  As we give respect to God and the divine, we will also give respect to one another, whom are His sons and daughters.  When we treat God as Barney, a cuddly friend, we are left the same as we always were.
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temptation of Christ on the Mount_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaSo, the Holy Spirit has given us Catholic Tradition to protect the Sacred and to protect ourselves.  Get rid of what seems superfluous, like the chickens, and you get rid of what is very important.  And then the devil, the scorpion, can easily sting us with his venom.  That is why so many people are in the “spiritual hospital” with depression and anxiety.  It is makes people sad and the anti depressants costs a lot of money too.

When will we learn that the old tradition Catholics were not so stupid as we thought and that it was the Holy Spirit who developed the Holy Latin Mass over all these centuries to keep us spiritually safe. We are so fortunate to be Traditional Catholics and have chickens (Sacred Rites) around us to protect us from the scorpions (devil and his evil demons).