Be Sure to Give Your Children Traditional Catholic Names

My friend was pregnant with her first child.  One night, both her and her husband had a dream where St. Augustine appeared and told them to name that child Augustine and he promised that he would guide their child all his life.  They woke up in the middle of the night to tell each other.  Their son was born, (with no C-section or induced labor) on the feast of St. Augustine August 28.

All-SaintsThis son is now 7 and has helped all his family to convert to being better catholics.  He is an altar server, has receive his First Holy Communion, and goes to confession regularly.

So, when the Angels told Zachariah and St. Joseph to name their sons John and Jesus, there was a serious reason.  Names are important.

God had eternally decided on what day we are to be born.  We had nothing to do with our birth date.  Only God decided that, (other than when there is a C-section or induced labor).   But all of us are conceived on a day which God allowed and born on the day God decides.

Virgin and Child in Glory with Saints_CARLONE, Giovanni BattistaThis day usually has a saint’s feast day.  I was born on November 15th and that is St. Albert the Great’s feast day.  I am so thankful to my parents who were good enough Catholics to put that saint’s name in my legal name (Fr. Peter Albert).  My mother converted to Catholicism after studying Thomistic Philosophy at DePaul University.  So she did not know that much, but God ordained that they knew enough to bless me with my name.

Everyday I try to remember to pray to St. Peter and St. Albert the Great for their intercession and help.  I know that when I die, I will see why I was given their names and all that they have done to help me materially and spiritually.

Even if you were not blessed to have been given the saint’s name for the day your were born, you can still look up on a traditional calendar and find the name of the saint for your birthday.  This saint will still be interceding for you.  There are more saints names on the old traditional calendars than what show up on most calendars.  Do your research.

All Saints-2Please do not give your children pagan names, (or names that are like Sky or Chrystal).  These names are not from the saints or the Bible.   In the 1917 Code of Canon Law it states:

Pastors should see to it that the person to be baptized is given a Christian name; but if they are unable to fulfill this, they should add to the name given by the parents the name of some saint, and they should inscribe each name in the baptismal register.”

The Code of Canon Law of 1983 does not have this requirement.  Here is yet another example of not taking care of supernatural help that a Catholic child received before the revision of the Canon Law.

The names, Jesus, Mary and Joseph are especially holy and wonderful names.  In Mexico they call their children Jesus.  In other countries I have never heard of this custom.

I warn the men and boys with the name Jesus to be so careful with their lives.  Imagine if all knees in heaven, on earth and under the earth bend at the name of Jesus, how holy it is.  Now say you live an immoral life and drag that holy name through the sewer.  When you die, it will not be a pretty picture.  You have been WARNED.

I know that in Portugal, parents use to take a saint like Mary or St. Joseph to be one of the children’s God parents.  They also named most girls Maria.  But that is all changed as we have become post Catholic countries.

Toussaint-Vepres-02So if the God ordered the Angels to name St. John the Baptist and Jesus, we also should follow that example and name our children for saints and especially the saint on which feast day we were blessed to be born.

It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic and have a saint’s name as part of who we are and to be constantly watching over us.