A Tiny Traditional Catholic Priest Against a Tidal Wave of Immodesty

I was again praying in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel when a mother and three of her daughters wearing pretty tight pants entered.
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 There was a young man too.  They knelt and began to read the 5 minute booklet.  I was just finishing up and wondered if I should say anything.  I wonder if it is prudent to say anything?  I wonder will it make any difference anyway?

holynamemaryAnyway I was moved to say, “Good afternoon, I just want to tell you that women should wear dresses like Our Lady Mary.”  They look at me in surprise, but the mother said “Oh” and smiled.  Who knows what will come of this, but I am going to try to go against the tidal wave of immodesty.

We need to tell women to dress as women and men dress as men.
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 Let us, all in charity, help people please God.  It may not have an effect for years, but truth has a way of sticking, especially when it is God’s Truth.