A Priests Comments on Offering The New and The Old Mass

msza_tryd_ryc[1]heilige messe“I am one of the priests who has been offering the old and new Forms for the last six years, and while I can say that the elements of the Faith are found in the new Form (Confession to God, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Roman Canon, Angus Dei , Domine non sum dignus et al), you are right that the Older Form gives more honour glory to God. The new form does not appear to have been simplified but stripped: gone is the physical orientation towards God; gone is the priest’s custody of the eyes so that the whole gathering focuses upon God and not upon him; gone are genuflections before and after each time we touch the Sacred Host; gone are the signs of the cross; gone (for the most) is the receiving of Holy Communion on the tongue from consecrated hands while kneeling;. Gone too is the hierarchical movements of the Celebrant, Deacon and Subdeacon at Solemn Masses; what we have now is three ministers standing in a line behind the altar with little if any movement in what we are told is a more ‘vital’ or ‘living’ liturgy.”