Traditional Catholic Sense of Time (Life) and No Time (Eternal Life)

Recently I was given a hour glass.  This instrument is a very good thing to watch as you see the sand grains steadily flow down as life passes away.   This, scientifically shows time passing as observed by us in a real succession of separate acts or changes.  We see this as one grain of sand after another drops down into the lower chamber of the glass.

hoursWe, who are conscious, have a clear concept of past time and events, our present existence and our most probable future in the next second that we are caught up in right now at this instant.

Another way of experiencing time is definite change.  We see it everyday with the sun rising and setting (a day).  Sleeping and waking.  We dress for the cold in winter (with long nights), plant in the spring, feel heat in the summer (with long days) and see the leaves change and fall in autumn.   The moon marks the cycle of the months.

holding_the_sun-t2As humans we see new born babies grow up little by little.  We experience our own aging or “timing” process.   We notice our height changing, our voices changing and our bodies changing.

One of the most important reminder of time passing are the grey hairs and wrinkles we get as we get older.  Most people want to pretend that they are still young and that time is not passing by facelifts and hair coloring.  God has given us grey hair to keep us alert to the final day on this earth that will eventually and definitely come for each one of us.

Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers Genesis 37:28In Genesis we see God creating in a time sequence of 6 days and setting apart a seventh day (the day of the Lord) when He rested from all His work of creating.

Also when Jesus, God, entered into time on December 25, 0 (Christmas), He gave us yearly celebrations of feasts and fasts to mark our Catholic time.  The yearly cycle of Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Thursday and Pentecost are a few of the Catholic events that mark time.   Intermingled are the Holy days of Our Lady and the Saints.  Advent and Lent, Ember days and Fridays are times of spiritual purification.

Birth of Christ_ANTONIAZZO ROMANOIt was Catholics who created the calendar of a year in the first place.  Because Jesus rose from the dead on the eighth day, or the day after the Sabbath, the calendar starts the week off with Sunday.  But now, very sadly, as pagan influence is so strong against Catholicism and christianity in general, many calendars are putting Monday first.

This Gregorian Calendar was not exactly accurate (by 0.002% error of length of year) and that is why Pope Julian in 1582 came up with the leap year when the day Feb 29th. was added on every four years.  It is called leap year because if Christmas was on Wednesday, in the leap year it will leap a day and be on Friday the next year.

The Catholic Council of Nicea decided in 325 that Easter was to be annually celebrated on the spring equinox.  Astronomy was developed by the Catholic Church to study the sun and moon to be accurate about when the spring equinox (Easter) actually was.
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 In the old cathedrals of Europe you can still see small holes in the ceilings where the sun and moon movement patterns can be observed on the marble floors.

niceancouncilSo as we read this, time has just been spent and rushed by.  As traditional Catholics we want to value time as the most precious created thing there is.  It is given to us to use well and to go through the segment of time called “our life” knowing it is a “Time of Trial”.  Will we make the right succession of life’s decisions to get to Heaven or wrong ones to end up in Hell.  These telling decisions are made each second, minute, hour, day, month and year.

With the Actual and Sanctifying Graces God is giving us every second along the way, we always try to live to love, obey and decide for what is holy and just.  Let us use our time well so that when our time runs out, and it fore sure will, at a moment we least expect, we will be welcomed into God’s eternal life outside of time.  Let us use our time to prepare to go to leave time behind in heaven and save others souls.  What a horror to think of entering into forever in the grasps of the devil in the fires of hell.

6907851462_ff2a77edc7_bTime counts and is counting on us to use is well.  We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and to have so much true knowledge from the Bible, the Church and the Saints.