Do Traditional Catholics Think They are More Catholic Than Other Catholics?

I get a lot of negative comments about us traditional Catholics coming across as being better Catholics than others.  I am sure most of you who read this have had the same experience.

Martin_Mass of St_UNKNOWN MASTER, HungarianHumility and love are always the best virtues when trying to share truth.  When I say that Jesus is God, I say it with humility and love.  I am merely stating a truth.  This truth will not set well with someone like a Jehovah Witness (who do not believe Jesus is God), so they perceive my words (as well as myself) as being proud for standing firm in truth.  Just because someone may not agree with us about truth, has nothing to do with us being proud.  Truth stands on its own.

So the plain truth is, that 2000 years of Catholic teaching is better than the new theology and morals that many theologians have come up with since Vatican II.  Check out what most theologians have stated about being able to disagreeing with Catholic Doctrine, i.e. Hans Kung.  I personally remember hearing this in the my parish and reading it in “catholic” magazines and books.  No one can tell me that most theologians did not disagree with Catholics using birth control.  When “Humanae Vitae” came out, it caused a huge uproar in opposition to it all over the “catholic world”.  These theologians were supported by many bishops, priests and religious.

'CHRIST RISEN FROM THE TOMB' BY BERGOGNONEAll christian churches condemned the use of birth control until in 1930 when the Church of England permitted it in serious cases.  Martin Luther condemned it as equal to sodomy because it was sex without procreation.  Google the truth.  Now, tell me why this the “new catholic” teaching on birth control is better than what christians have believe in since the beginning?  So if I say that Catholics who believe in 2000 years teaching on sex are better than those who accept the “new contraceptive mentality”, I will be labeled as acting superior to them.  I humbly and lovingly state that, using birth control is intrinsically evil.  And now that I used the “evil” word, I will be in turn condemned as evil for merely stating the Catholic truth that states the truth that something is intrinsically evil.

The same is true when it comes to the 1800+ years of Roman Catholic Mass.  We know for sure that St. Gregory the Great codified and wrote about the Roman Rite (which is very similar to Pius V Missal used in the Latin Mass today) in the late 6th century.  Most people do not even know this.  This ancient rite is better than then the 44 year old new mass (promulgated in 1969).  I am not stating this in pride but in truth.  Just watch a YouTube Latin Mass and compare it with the 44 years old New Mass.

Don Pietro Leone is an expert on the two rites, the new and the old.  I precisely put his magna opus on this blog so that those who are not experts like Don Pietro can see the immense difference between the two rites for themselves.  It is plain scientific evidence of the ancient rite having significantly more reverence for the sacred things of God.  Please, please read his study for yourself.  I am not asking anyone to take this truth on my word.  But most people will not studying this document and with their own small amount of knowledge, judge Don Pietro Leone as being in error.

Sermon-Mount-Jesus-ChristAs a priest, who for 6 years have offered the two masses side by side, absolutely no one can tell me that the ancient Latin Mass does not give more glory to God and take care of the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist than the New Mass of Pope Paul VI.  All you priests who are offering the two masses together, know exactly what I mean.

I accredit the spirit of modernism for this attitude that what is new is always better than what is ancient.  Most youth want change for change sake.  Not all change is good.  Not all that is new is better.

When it comes to divine truth and worship, these will and never can be change.  God doesn’t change.  The Bible will never change no matter how much people disagree with it and distort its meaning.  Catholic teaching will never change no matter what popes bishops, priests, religious, theologians and laity say.  They can say what every they wish, but if it is not in accordance with the Bible, the Deposit of Faith handed on by the apostles and tradition, it is not Catholic.

We can explain truth in different ways, but we can never change truth.  It is like seeing water pour out of clouds called rain.  But we can further explain the cause of rain drops to form in the clouds and then fall to earth.  Rain is still water.

st agnes in st paulYes we need to talk, study and pray in love and humility.  In my opinion, I think most traditional Catholics come across as “better than thou” because they love God so passionately.  And because they love God and His sacred Rites, they want to see them restored and appreciated by all other Catholics who have not yet come to know that there even is such a treasure in the Catholic faith.  This passion may come across as a superiority complex.

That being said, we traditional Catholics need to always promote, fight for and share these sacred treasures from a deep interior prayer life.  And if we do have that deep union with Jesus, we will be more patient, humble and successful in sharing and restoring the sacred.

immaculate-heart-sac-heartIt is so important that we remember we are very insignificant in this struggle.  We will never be successful in restoring what is Holy in the Church on our own.  This is a struggle against the devil and all his angels and servants (people in this world who fight against what is sacred and moral).  So it is going to take God to win this spiritual liturgical and moral battle.  May we never forget that we are only tiny (yet necessary) instruments in God’s all powerful hands.