Was it God or Money that Got Phil Robertson Back in Duck Dynasty.

I think it was a combination of God and A&T’s desire for money that got Phil Robertson back on the Duck Dynasty show.  But, nevertheless, it seems to be the first time that the homosexual sided media has caved in to what is God correct rather than politically correct.  This case may turn things around here in the United States.

bdbca994-171f-4854-847c-105b374f46f2Photo from A&T.

It is not at all about what people call “free speech”.  It is about what is right and wrong in God’s eyes and those who express God’s truth.  Free speech is for the good and the evil. But speaking about God’s laws is about pleasing God and not man.  There should be no free speech to promote evil.  Speech is to be used to promote what God deems as good and holy.

It is despicable that (Rev.) Jesse Jackson should be calling for Phil’s repentance over what he said about the civil rights movement, when he is one of the avid advocates for the murder of the most vulnerable black babies by abortion.  How can a so called “christian reverend” advocate for the killing of the unborn babies.  But that is what happens when you break off from the 2000 years of Catholic Teaching.

Many times progressive Catholic bishops, priests, religious and theologians have gone against the moral teachings of the Bible and the Church.  Over and over again I have read their dissenting views in so called “catholic” blogs, newspapers and magazines.

Jesus says that any sexual activity outside of a bless marriage between a man and a woman is fornication.  “For from the heart comes forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, blasphemies.  These are the things that defile a man.”  Matthew 15: 19-20.  The dictionary defines fornication as “sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.”  And of course a man can not marry a man in the eyes of God.