Prayer at Family Planning Abortion Mill for Holy Innocents Phoenix Arizona

Thanks to all the families and children who sacrificed their time to pray to save babies lives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the mothers who is pregnant and has three boys told the story of how her father tried to have her mother abort her.  Her mother had to literally fight with her father to not be forced to abort her.  Her father than would not have anything to do with her mother from that day on.  Thanks to her mother, her life was saved and she has her children, one who wants so badly to be a priest.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother woman who went with us told about her brother who’s girlfriend killed his child.  He pleaded every way he could, but she went ahead and aborted their baby’s live.  He has never been the same.  I know many men who had no decision in the killing, they just had sit by and grieve.

On arriving at the parish, a young woman had come to pick up her nephew.  She had a president (I don’t type in who he is, because it probably will be picked up on the NSA surveillance) sticker on her car.  When I told her about his support of killing the babies.  She said that we have to choose over different issues.

I then explained to her about his stand on supporting partial birth killing and his stand on not even giving help to a baby that survives the murder attempt.  I also told her about Margaret Sanger and her eugenist view to get rid of the poor, blacks and dark skin people because they were on the low rung of the evolution ladder (close to monkeys).  I told her about the picture of Margaret at a KKK clan meeting on internet.

tumblr_mvrlthqdxy1r6mdnjo1_500She was very kind and listened to me.  I hope and pray some good will come out of this discussion.  God and Mary, help us save the babies from slaughter.