The Traditional Catholic Priesthood and the Apostle St. John.

We priests have a great example in the relationship of the beloved disciple and Jesus.  Jesus loved St. John in a particular way.  St. John also loved Jesus with an undivided and pure heart.  Christ on Cross between Mary and St. John_ALTDORFER, Albrecht

As priests, we are very special friends of Jesus.  Like St. John, every time we say “Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum”, we become intimately close to His heart.
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 When St. John leaned on the chest of Jesus at the Last Supper, he received divine knowledge of the things of God.
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We can imitate him in his sexual purity.  St. John was never married and was a virgin.  His purity of heart and mind allowed him to be in-tuned to the inner workings of his Master, Jesus Christ.  His youth helped him to be the humble servant Jesus asks us all to be.

images 18In a world of money, sex and power, St. John reminds us of what the Holy Priesthood is all about.  Following, obeying, imitating and loving Jesus.  In the light of Jesus intimate love, all that the world offers becomes insignificant.

Our prayer life is our life line to the heart of Jesus. St. John is a model of the contemplative priest.  When all is said and done, we will leave all this world values, to someone else.  We will leave behind what our parishioners think of us, what money we have accumulated, our fame, our tittles, our parishes and our cars.  All we take with us is the reality we lived.  God will look at each detail of our lives.

Communion of the ApostlesSt. John chose the better part, Jesus’ love.  As men we struggle to not fall in love with the things of this world.  But if, each day, we strive to have a deeper union with the omnipresent Jesus, in our loneliness, we can go to the source of fulfillment, the heart of Jesus.  And each one of us knows how difficult this deeper seeking is.

Jesus purposely gave John into Mary’s care out of a special love for him and His mother.  May we priests always have a special relationship with Mary and ask her to help us keep our souls pure from the corruption of the world.  Mary pray for us priests.

Our sexual purity and detachment from things of the world, help our parishioners who also struggle with temptations and want a deeper union with God.  If we do not have purity and an interior life like St. John, then we will have nothing, absolutely nothing to give to our flock.

Last Supper_stained glass_Lawrence OPLet us never be priests who want to be please people.  Let us only keep in mind our final judgement day which rushes upon us faster and faster each day.  We want to please Jesus and help every soul in our care to reach heaven and avoid the slippery path to hell.

Loving and resting in Jesus’ Sacred Heart, refreshes us and comforts us in the cold winter of this world.

Allori, Body of Christ w 2 angels_oil on copper_Budapest, National Mus_c.1600All of you traditional Catholic priests who are despised in this world, remember your names are truly written in the Sacred Heart of Jesus forever.  As St. John suffered exile on the island of Patmos, he was finally delivered from that suffering.  As a result of his suffering he grew even more in holiness and was all the more better for it.  St. John the Beloved Disciple, Pray For Us.