Christmas Lesson For Traditional Catholics

When Jesus was born 2013 years ago, everything was against Him like it is for us Traditional Catholics.  He was forced to be born in the worst condition possible, an animals cave.  The jewish religious leaders never welcomed Him.  King Herod attempted to murder the baby Jesus.  The weak and poor Mary and Joseph had to suffer to protect the tiny God made man.Christmas_announcement to the sheperd 2

But Jesus has a plan that turned everything upside down.  Where is King Herod’s kingdom now?  Where is the Jewish religion now?   A very small number in all the world.  There are now over 1.2 Billion Catholics and another Billion christians.
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We traditional Catholics still adore Jesus the best we can.  We suffer along, like Mary and St. Joseph, to protect Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

At every consecration the Baby Jesus is again placed in our care to adore and love Him.  He is a defenseless as He was in the manger.  That is why we have to protect Him from all the liturgical abuses and the people who receive Him in sin or are not Catholics.

Nativity_PIERRE, Jean-Baptiste-Marie 2For all eternity Jesus is rewarding Mary and St. Joseph for protecting Him when He came defenseless as a tiny baby.
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 We too will suffer a while like Mary and St. Joseph.  But some day we too will be rewarded forever in Heaven with the King Jesus Christ.