Traditional Bible Time From the Creation to The Birth of Jesus

On December 25 in the Latin Breviary’s Martyrology we have a very important time line in the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
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“In the year 5199th from the creation of the world, when in the beginning’ God created the heavens and the earth.

Creation_Allegory of_ZUCCHI, JacopoIn the year 2959th from the flood.

Noah's Ark_Entering the Ark_MEMBERGER, Kaspar the ElderIn the year 2015 from the birth of Abraham.

Abraham_Parting Company with the Family of Lot_VICTORS, JanIn the year 1510th from the going forth of the people of Israel out of Egypt under Moses.

728147-moses1In the year 1032th from the anointing of David as King.

DavidGoliathIn the 65th week according to the prophecy of Daniel.

In the 194th Olympiad.

In the 752th from the foundation of the city of Rome.

Rome burningIn the 42nd year of the reign of the Emperor Octavian Augustus.

BirthChristIn the 6th age of the world, while the whole earth was at peace, Jesus Christ, Himself Eternal God and Son of the Eternal Father, being pleased to hallow the world by His most gracious coming, having been conceived of the Holy Ghost, and when nine months were passed after His conception, (all kneel down) was born of the Virgin Mary at Bethlehem of Juda made Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ was born according to the flesh.