The Holy Spirit is Working to Convert People to Traditional Catholicism

Here is a quick note from someone who reads this traditional blog.  Most of us can identify with it.

images 18“Two months ago, I would have disagreed with this blog and been completely offended. Two months ago I was a closet catholic, slowly making my way to the Protestant, new age Christian world.
I have recently had a conversion of heart and I am now seeing that a lot of the sentiments in Catholics and Christians in General comes from our arrogance. We don’t submit to God and his will. We want God to be what we think he is and support causes that we think should should support. I now see that this slippery slope leads to degeneration and a buffet like faith. I even think many of us ,if we remain on our path would when faced by God have the nerve to say ” well that is sexist and that infringes on civil rights and that’s too strict so I don’t agree with you!
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” That is a terrifying thought and it saddens me to see how haughty and arrogant even the faithful are. Its not just “doubt” of dogma…it is definitely defiance.
While I am still reconciling with many teachings , I am slowly realizing that my faith is not about me and my wants. Contraception and pre marital sex is convenient but not supported in teachings. Many Homosexual people are loving kind people, but homosexual behavior is not accepted as moral by God. Standing up for faith is difficult but we are called to do this. I am thankful to have had this conversion and will continue to pray for increased humility and obedience. Thanks for vocalizing your thoughts on church “truth ” teachings and our actions towards and away from them.”