Catholic Traditional View of Survey by Vatican in Preparation for E.O. Synod on the Family 2014

Marriage is such an important sacrament and needs to be protected by the Holy Catholic Church, not destroyed.
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 Society and the welfare of children depend on it.

Raphael_Marriage of Virgin_Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera_1504As a priest in a parish, I usually had marriages on Saturday afternoon.  I would witness the couple’s vows, before God, myself, their family and the church, to be faithful till death.

In the preparation classes this was emphasized as well.  I would ask this question to the Groom and Bride to be: What if you husband/wife were to leave you, divorce you, marry someone else, have children with that other person:  Would you still be married to him/her?  And the answer is obviously: Yes.  Why?  Because they have not died (till death do us part).

After witnessing the marriage vows on Saturdays, on Monday thru Friday people would come asking how to get those vows annulled.   I would asked them if they were forced to get married.
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 None of them ever said yes.  They, on their own free will, chose to get married to that person.  Annulments have made marriage very cheap.

St. John the Baptist lost his head for nothing, when we say that remarriage is alright.  England was lost to the Catholic Church for nothing if King Henry VIII could have remarried and been in good standing with the Church.

John the Baptist_beheading_ALGARDI, AlessandroSo with this survey on the family life and those in irregular situations concerning second marriage without annulments, it blurs the lines of Catholic Teaching on the indissoluble bond of marriage.

At the time when marriage is dying out, the Church can not change God’s teachings.  These questions only put doubt on the 2000 years of marriage between a man and a woman till death.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from Oct 14, 1994 from the Vatican it is spelled out very clearly that marriage is indissoluble.

7. The mistaken conviction of a divorced and remarried person that he may receive Holy Communion normally presupposes that personal conscience is considered in the final analysis to be able, on the basis of one’s own convictions(15), to come to a decision about the existence or absence of a previous marriage and the value of the new union. However, such a position is inadmissable(16). Marriage, in fact, because it is both the image of the spousal relationship between Christ and his Church as well as the fundamental core and an important factor in the life of civil society, is essentially a public reality.

8. It is certainly true that a judgment about one’s own dispositions for the reception of Holy Communion must be made by a properly formed moral conscience. But it is equally true that the consent that is the foundation of marriage is not simply a private decision since it creates a specifically ecclesial and social situation for the spouses, both individually and as a couple. Thus the judgment of conscience of one’s own marital situation does not regard only the immediate relationship between man and God, as if one could prescind from the Church’s mediation, that also includes canonical laws binding in conscience. Not to recognise this essential aspect would mean in fact to deny that marriage is a reality of the Church, that is to say, a sacrament.

Why do we need another survey?

Jesus said it very clearly: “Whom God has united, let no man separate.”  I will not be the one to separate what God has joined.  I will have to meet God and give an answer to Him on respecting His sacrament of Marriage when I die.

When someone finds them self in a very destructible marriage (drugs, alcohol, financial exploitation, sexual, physical or verbal abuse), that person has the duty to protect themselves and the children and separate.

1938 WEDDINGAnnulment is allowed when there was no marriage (no elements of being faithful, wanting children and  no free consent) present before, during and after the marriage vows.

If there are serious problems, you man separate to make the marriage better.

Children and society are the victims of divorce.  In schools, children from single parents or divorced parents have grave learning and behavior problems.  One son told me that he hated his parents because they had destroyed his life by their divorce.

Surveys and opinions can not change God’s commandments.  No matter how many Catholics do not agree with the Church’s teachings (most) does not change God who is the same today, yesterday and forever.

Changing Jesus’ teachings to pastorally take care of Catholics has not worked before and will never work.  The problem is selfish sin and pride.

We are so fortunate to be able to have the unchanging traditional Catholic teaching on family and marriage.  We want happy families that stay together and pray together in the good and the bad, in sickness or health till death do they part.