Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate labeled “Crypto Lefebvrians”

Most of us who are part of the renewal of the Catholic Church know very very little about who Archbishop Lefebvre was.  Most of the people in the traditional Catholic renewal are young and have never heard of Archbishop Lefebvre or what he did.  Most traditional Catholics, if they know anything about him, learned about it after they discovered traditional Catholicism.  Most do not even know what the Society of St. Pius X is about.

Monse_or_Marcel_Lefebvre_elevationBut, just like what has happened to the Friars of the Immaculate, everyone is labeled and categorized as Lefebvrians because they have rediscovered the 2000 year old Catholic faith.
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 This is the quick way for the progressives to write us all off as extremist and insignificant rebellious Catholics living on the fringe of christianity.  But the fact is that we are not Lefebvrist.  We are not members of the Society of St. Pius the X.

That being said, we have learned about Archbishop Lefebvre and admire his wonderful missionary work he did in Africa and his love for the Holy Latin Mass.   Most of us traditional Catholics found out about the Society when Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication of the four bishops and was meeting with them to reconcile them canonically with the institution of the Church.

As we learn about them, I would say most of us are grateful to them and admire what they have done to preserve the “Treasure of the Catholic Church”, the “Mass of all Ages”.  Pope Benedict (when he was a Cardinal) said very wonderful things about Lefebvre after he died.

Franciscans of the Immaculata_tarquinia iiSo to write all of us traditional Catholic off by simply labeling us “Crypto Lefebvrians” is nonsense.  It also shows how little the progressives understand who we are.  The word Crypto means, secret or concealed.  Why would we hide that we are Lefebvrians?

We are out in the open as to who we are and what we believe (read the blogs).  We are mostly young (mostly youth and young large families), middle aged and a some old Catholics.  By the action of the Holy Spirit, we have rediscovered our 2000 year old Catholic family patrimony.  The true and pure faith that was passed on from the Apostles through the Bible and the ancient Church writings.

Most of us are not members of the Society of St. Pius X.  We admire them, but are not part of them and did not come out of them.  We are simple Catholics who rediscovered the whole Catholic faith, and that is why we call ourselves traditional Catholics.

Triumph of_LANINO, BernardinoOnce someone discovers truth, back up by all the Bible, the Church Fathers and the saints, there is no turning our backs on Jesus’ truths.  We are well educated Catholics who have studied and learned that there was a Catholic Church, 1930 years before the birth of the “new church since 1963” and the New Mass of 1969.