American Government U.S. N.R.O. Spy Satellite.

With all that Edward Snowden has divulged about the U.S. Government spying, one feels tracked and watched.  We do not want to be paranoid.  But there are facts that our government is spying on government officials from other countries.  So it would makes perfect sense to be weary of our government spying on us as well.

NORL-39 octopus logoRecently a new satellite was launched for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office.
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 On it you can see the giant octopus encompassing the whole world.  His eyes are watching.

The mission patch for this mission (NROL-38) is a giant dragon.  The motto on the side is in latin.  (non morieris bello)  I am not sure what the exact translation is, but I would guess it says something like “not die in war”?   It makes me think of the dragon in Apocalypses that dies and then comes back to life.

nrol-38-patchThe pentagon has classified for the military, Catholics and Evangelical Christians as potential terrorist because of our strong beliefs that they claim are extreme.   They have a list on which we appear.

Imagine how they must classify us traditional Catholics.  Our own friends and Church has classified us in “the Extremist” catagory.   Imagine how the government views us.

I wonder how Jesus would have been classified by the Jewish and Roman Government.  His final condemnation sentence was for being a threat to the Roman Empire by claiming to be a King Messiah to the Jewish nation.

We also know that He was watched all the time by the religious people of His days.  They were constantly trying to silence Him and kill Him.

The Jewish religious leaders conspired with the secular Roman power to sentence Jesus to death.

blackvestim76132_stdBut, from this event came the greatest spiritual good that has ever happened in history.

No matter how much we are watched and tracked, God is also watching and recording our every action as well as those who are watching us.  We need to fear Him who can both take our lives and put us into to hell, rather than those who can only take our life.
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