“Build a Temple” Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Mission to St. Juan Diego

Mary appeared four times to St. Juan Diego.  It was on December 12th. 1531 that Mary gave the sign for the bishop of her image left on the Tilma of St. Juan Diego.

Our Lady of GuadalupeSt. Pope Pius X honored Our Lady of Guadalupe with the title “Patroness of the Americas”.  This means from Canada down to Argentina.

Please take a few minutes to pray and meditate on the mission that Our Lady gave to Juan Diego and all of us.  He was an insignificant person in a huge world of darkness.  Yet Mary chose him to be a special missionary for her Son Jesus to the Mexican people.

At the time, Juan Diego felt that his mission was next to impossible, but nonetheless he did as Mary told him to do.
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 In the end he was successful.

This is a perfect example for us traditional Catholics who have been given the mission to preserve the sacred rites and teachings of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church by God and Our Lady.  We also feel like totally insignificant people amidst many powerful people inside and outside of the Church that are against the Holy Latin Mass.

Misa en San Francisco GuanajuatoBut from this lesson of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we gain great strength and encouragement seeing how in the end, a poor insignificant person, faithful to what Mary had asked of him, cause millions to be converted.  God and Mary are still looking for some humble, insignificant people who are willing to be ridiculed, shunned and even ruffed up (as St. Juan Diego was), for the rebuilding of the temple of God, the Catholic Church.

Mary, in her message to the bishop, asked for the “building of a Temple”.  What does that mean?  The word Temple comes from the Temple in Jerusalem and is commonly used in Spanish to mean a church.

Jesus said in the Gospel of St. John 4:23-24 that we would neither adore God in Jerusalem or Samaria, “but that the hour cometh, and now is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth.  For the Father also seeketh such to adore him.  God is a Spirit; and they that adore Him, must adore Him in spirit and in truth.”

So Mary wanted a temple where people could come to adore, pray and ask for help in spirit and truth.  She could have said; “come her to this hill”, but instead she specifically asked for a Temple.  It was for this reason that she caused the miraculous sign of her image to be given to the Bishop so that she could have what she asked for, a Temple.

Mary also wanted a Temple because it is a building dedicated and set apart for only the Sacred.  It is a place set apart from the mundane, for the adoration of God.  This shows the importance of going into a church to pray and ask for things that we need.

The main focus of a church is the Blessed Sacrament.  In the temple that was eventually built, she brought the Mexican people to her know her Son Jesus.  Again we see the intercession of Mary in the work of redemption of her Son Jesus.

Carl_22Since then many many miracles have since happened, at the request of Our Lady of Guadalupe to God, for the poor and the sick.

But we want to remember the greatest miracle was the conversion of the pagans, who offered human sacrifices, to come to know and adore the true Catholic God.

Jesus did not want human blood sacrifices.  He came and shed HIs own Blood on the cross for us.  This is the one and only sacrifice for our sins that was needed to appease the Heavenly Father for our sins.  The Aztecs offered human blood and hearts to their false gods of the sun and the moon to appease them and to give them what they needed.

They came to know the loving God who gives us life and help.  For this reason we want to give Him the greatest adoration possible, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

EstandarteMary came at a time of darkness in Mexican History.  We are in a time of darkness in the Church’s history.  Who knows what will suddenly happen through Our Lady’s intercession.  As in the time of the Aztecs, Mary converted millions in a very short time, we pray for her intercession that all Catholics will again adore God in the very holy way of the Latin Mass.  We also ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to help us to obey our good God in respect to His holy laws of love.