Traditional Catholic Posadas and Novenas Prepare for Jesus

The word Novena is derived from the latin word novenus (feminine novena) having to do with nine.  Catholics have been praying novenas ever since Mary and the Apostles prayed for nine days (from Ascension Thursday to Pentecost Sunday) for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Acts: 1:13-14.

posadass2On Dec 16, the Mexican tradition starts of walking in the streets with the pregnant Mary and St. Joseph looking for a place to have Jesus born.  They pray the Holy Rosary and sing songs.  At the end of the praying and singing, they are invited into a home and everyone gets punch and treats. This is done for nine days leading up to Christmas.  Here is the song they sing.posadas-begins-1b2

En el nombre del cielo
os pido posada
pues no puede andar
mi esposa amada.
In the name of Heaven
I ask of you shelter,
For my beloved wife
Can go no farther.
Aquí no es mesón,
sigan adelante
Yo no debo abrir,
no sea algún tunante.
There’s no inn here,
Go on with you,
I can’t open up
You might be a rogue.
Venimos rendidos
desde Nazaret.
Yo soy carpintero
de nombre José.
We’re weary from traveling
from Nazareth.
I am a carpenter
by the name of Joseph.
No me importa el nombre,
déjenme dormir,
pues que yo les digo
que nos hemos de abrir.
I don’t care who you are,
Let me sleep.
I already told you
we’re not going to open.
Posada te pide,
amado casero,
por sólo una noche
la Reina del Cielo.
I ask you for lodging
dear man of the house.
Just for one night
for the Queen of Heaven.
Pues si es una reina
quien lo solicita,
¿cómo es que de noche
anda tan solita?
Well, if it’s a queen
who’s asking us for it,
why does she travel all alone
and in the night?
Mi esposa es María,
es Reina del Cielo
y madre va a ser
del Divino Verbo.
My wife is Mary
She’s the Queen of Heaven
who is going to be the mother
of the Divine Word.
¿Eres ú José?
¿Tu esposa es María?
Entren, peregrinos,
no los conocía.
Are you Joseph?
Your wife is Mary?
Enter, pilgrims;
I did not recognize you.
Dios pague, señores,
vuestra caridad,
y que os colme el cielo
de felicidad.
May God repay, kind people,
your charity,
and thus heaven heap
happiness upon you.
¡Dichosa la casa
que alberga este día
a la Virgen pura.
la hermosa María!
Blessed is the house
that shelters this day
the purest Virgin,
the beautiful Mary.

The whole purpose of the Novena is to take nine days to prepare for the birth of Jesus on Christmas.  We relive what St. Joseph and Mary went through to find a place for Jesus to be born in.

las-posadasAs we all know, but tend to ignore, is that Jesus, God, who created Heaven and Earth, was born in the poorest place on earth, in a cave for animals.  You would think that there would have been one kind person worrying about a pregnant woman, so that she could have had a clean warm room to give birth in.  But that was not the case.

Today, not only do some people fail to show charity toward pregnant women, but there are doctors, nurses, mothers, family members and friends helping taking babies out of the warm clean room of the womb to be killed by an abortion.

What can we do?  Jesus, 2013 years later, is looking for a clean warm home to be a guest in.

confession-731x10241) We can go to confession and clean our hearts so as to have a clean room for the Christmas guest, Jesus.

2) We can remove all the clutter that we have stored up in our hearts.  As Jesus said: “where your heart is there is where your treasure is”.  What he means is that what our hearts are attached to, is what is important to us.

This Christmas most children are attached to the presents they are going to receive.  They have a sentimental connection with Jesus in the Christmas story, but their hearts are eagerly awaiting Christmas so as to be able to have materialistic things.  Many of the gifts they will receive will be detrimental to their souls.  Many of the gifts children, teenagers and adults receive at Christmas will be used for things that will separate them from Jesus.  An example is a cell phone that will receive porn on or bad calls and text messages that will corrupt their innocent souls.  They will receive electronic devices which will keep them away for talking with family and friends, from playing outside, doing homework and helping mom and dad with the chores.

If we really love Jesus, as we say we do, why would we fill His birthday with so much materialistic things?  Would it not be better to give Him the gift of our hearts, filled with Love.  I feel Jesus will only feel at home in a few hearts on His Birthday.  Our hearts are too much in love with ourselves, others and things.  There is very little affection for Jesus left.  We may say nice things about Jesus, but where is the heart’s desires.

mass_54_questionsMay we prepare for Jesus’ birthday by emptying out our hearts of materialistic things and sinful things.  Let us love Him above the love we have for family and friends.

Every gift we give to the poor, the lonely, the sick and the church are gifts that go directly to God and are kept safe forever in heaven by Him.

Let us be honest and see which takes up more of our time this Advent: shopping, parties or prayer and Bible reading?

Right now, let us make a resolution to try very hard to prepare a clean, warm and loving heart where Mary and St. Joseph can lay the baby Jesus in.  It is so good to be a traditional Catholic and be able to really put Jesus first in my heart.