Religious Freedom Allows Satanists and Wiccans to Offend God

The New York based Satanic Temple is petitioning to have a monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol along side the monument of the Ten Commandments.  Their reason is that Satan is a historical and literary figure.  The proposed monument would be tasteful and have satan’s symbol of the pentagram and an interactive display for children.oklacommandments12Picture from

Every person under the sun has a duty to obey Jesus Christ the King because He created them and then was tortured to death for the salvation of their souls.  Jesus took the vengeance of God the Father, for our sins, on Himself, as the suffering servant, by carrying our sins on HIs back to Calvary.  Jesus paid the price on the Cross to redeem us from the devil and the eternal death we deserve.  We have been purchased by Jesus Christ the King.

Holy20Trinity_BALEN20Hendrick20van1So when it comes to religious freedom, the only religious freedom is to be free to worship The Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Jesus started the Holy Catholic Church and she alone has the rights given by God to practice true religion.  Error has no rights.  Truth is the only thing that has rights.

1459207_252220948266959_618445930_nSt. John the Baptist loosing his head for speaking the truth about God’s laws.

Religious freedom means that every religion has it rights to be practiced, no matter what they believe.
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 Once this is believe, there is no such thing as religion, because anyone can make up any practice they want and can call it religion.  Then everyone has the right to do what ever they want under the banner of freedom of religion.  It does not make sense.

The Civil Liberties Union is working to remove the donated monument of the 10 Commandments.